Neutron physics

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course „Neutron Physics“ introduces students to the basics of neutron physics and its applications. The lectures start with the description of the fundamentals of microworld structure at the level of electrons, protons and neutrons. After that a description of radioactivity and nuclear reactions follows. Great attention is paid to the reactions of neutrons with nuclei of the matter. The probability of realization of particular nuclear reactions expressed by the effective cross-section versus neutron energy is described. The issues of reference frames, mechanisms of neutron interactions, and issues of differential cross sections and neutron slowing down process are discussed in detail. Fission of heavy nuclei is the basis for the operation of nuclear reactors. Students will get familiar with the conditions for realization of fission chain reaction. Finally, the most important applications of neutron physics are discussed.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Atomic and nuclear physics (1 lecture)

2.Interactions of neutron with matter (2 lectures)

3.Neutron interactions and reference frames (1 lecture)

4.Mechanism of neutron interactions (2 lectures)

5.Differential cross-sections (1 lecture)

6.Fission of nuclear fuel (2 lectures)

7.Slowing down of neutrons (2 lectures)

8.Applications of neutron physics (1 lecture)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Atomic physics (3 exercises)

2.Radioactivity and radioactive decay (4 exercises)

3.Neutron interactions with matter (3 exercises)

4.Applications of neutron physics (2 exercises)

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1.Lamarsh J.R, Baratta A.J.: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering, Pearson (2017), ISBN: 978-0134570051

2.Reuss P.: Neutron Physics, EDP Sciences, 2008

3.DOE: DOE Fundamentals Handbooks - Nuclear Physics and Reactor Theory, Vol. 1 a Vol. 2, 1993, DOE-HDBK-1019/1-93

4.Lamarsh J.R.: Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Theory, American Nuclear Society (2002), ISBN: 0894480405

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