Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

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Department of Applied Mathematics

Basic course on introduction to artificial intelligence with emphasis on symbolic techniques. The design of an intelligent agent and the techniques needed to create it will be discussed, especially at the decision-making level. The intelligent agent in the context of the course can be represented for example by a physical robot, but also by a non-physical entity, such as a virtual assistant or a character in a computer game. We will not only introduce the basics, but also show the current state-of-the-art during the course.


Basic knowledge of statistics, algebra and algorithmization. Programming capabilities.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Intelligent agents.

2. Solving problems by state space searching.

3. Local state space searching.

4. Automated planning, acting in the real world.

5. Multiagent systems.

6. Finite problems with constraints: Integer Programming, SATisfaction problem, Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP).

7. Turn-based games, economic games, decision-making in games.

8. Knowledge representation, reasoning.

9. Learning and inference.

10. Problem modeling using AI techniques.

11. [2] Introduction to robotics - logistic, motion planning, localization, mapping, sensors, physics, actuators.

13. Philosophical and social questions of AI.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Interactive tools for artificial intelligence

2. AI problem set 1

3. AI problem set 2

4. Programming assignment 1

5. Consulting assignment 1

6. AI problem set 3

7. AI problem set 4

8. Programming assignment 2

9. Consulting assignment 2

10. AI problem set 5

11. Programming assignment 3

12. Consulting assignment 3

13. Reserved, credit

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Russel S., Norvig P. : Artfcial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (4th Edition). Prentice Hall, 2020. ISBN 978-0134610993.

2. Ghallab M., Nau D., Traverso P. : Automated Planning and Acting. Cambridge University Press, 2016. ISBN 978-1107037274.

3. Lažanský J., Mařík V., Štěpánková O. : Umělá inteligence (1) - (6). Academia, 2013. ISBN 978-80-200-2267-9.

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