Modern Visualisation Technologies

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BI-MVT.21 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Petr Pauš
Jiří Chludil, Petr Pauš
Petr Pauš
Department of Software Engineering

The goal of the course is to give an overview of modern visualization technologies and their principles, namely technologies related to virtual and augmented reality, visualization on high resolution displays (e.g., SAGE and video mapping) and their applications in practice. Several lectures deal with the content creation for the mentioned technologies, namely fractal and procedural visualization, scientific data visualization, and 3D model scanning.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to visualization.

2. Modern visualization technologies (past, present, and future).

3. Virtual Reality (VR).

4. Augmented reality (AR).

5. Programming for VR and AR.

6. Visualization of 2D and 3D data in web environment.

7. High-resolution SAGE2: Architecture.

8. High Resolution SAGE2: Programming methods.

9. Scientific data visualization.

10. Fractals as a tool for nature visualization.

11. 3D object scanning.

12. Technologies of modern displays.

13. Videomapping and visualization on buildings.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, exercises structure, topics for semestral projects.

2. Virtual Reality 1 (VR).

3. Virtual Reality 2 (VR).

4. Augmented reality 1 (AR).

5. Augmented reality 2 (AR).

6. Visualization of 2D and 3D data in a web environment.

7. High Resolution SAGE2: Programming.

8 Scientific data visualization.

9. Fractals as a tool for nature visualization.

10. Videomapping and visualization on buildings.

11. 3D object scanning and photogrammetry 1.

12. 3D object scanning and photogrammetry 2.

13. Submission of final projects.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Peitgen H.-O., Hartmut J., Saupe D. : Chaos and Fractals: New Frontiers of Science. Springer, 2006. ISBN 978-1475747409.

2. Sherman W. R., Craig A.B. : Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface, Application, and Design. Morgan Kaufmann, 2018. ISBN 978-1558603530.

3. Liu D., et al. : Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities in Education. Springer, 2017. ISBN 978- 9811054891.

4. Koponen J., Hildffen J. : Data Visualization Handbook. Aalto University, 2019. ISBN 978-9526074481.

5. Lee J.-H., et al. : Introduction to Flat Panel Displays. John Wiley & Sons, 2020. ISBN 978-1119282228.

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