Intership in Nuclear Power Plant

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

The expert practice serves to get a deeper knowledge of systems and the operation of a nuclear power plant. The practice is organized on the nuclear power plant Dukovany or Temelin, where students get to know all important parts of a nuclear power plant during an extended excursion and get a basic concept of reactor physicist or operator activities. The visit of a training center and a simulator is a part of the practice.

Syllabus of lectures:

A week-long practice on a nuclear power plant proceeds according a program that is prepared by the nuclear power plant staff:

An example of a program at the nuclear power plant Dukovany:

•Monday – the invitation, the organizational information, the lecture about the secondary circuit, the visit of the secondary circuit – machine room, external objects.

•Tuesday – the excursion of the central room of the radiation check, the spent fuel storage, the fuel management.

•Wednesday – thermo hydraulic characteristics, the planning and optimization of fuel composition.

•Thursday – the shutdown control, the reactivity control, the startup of the plant block after the fuel change, the monitoring of the core status.

•Friday – the emergency planning, the long–term operation of the power plant.

An example of a program at the nuclear power plant Temelin:

•Monday – the invitation, the management of the nuclear fuel and the core, the projection and the safety assessment of the fuel composition.

•Tuesday – the fuel manipulation, the storage of the spent fuel, the excursion in the checked area – the fresh fuel storage, the spent fuel storage, the radioactive waste, the Beacon system for the calculation of the operational core status from the Westinghouse company.

•Wednesday – the emergency preparedness, the simulator and the training of the staff, selected tasks.

•Thursday – the block startup after the fuel change, the accident management, stress tests measures, the safety analysis, the excursion of nuclear power plant blocks number 1 and 2, their operation and control rooms.

•Friday – the radiation protection system, the radiation check and the personal dosimetry.

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