Design and Equipment of Nuclear Power Plants

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

Main components of nuclear units. Basic designs of cooling circuits. Design of main parts of units with pressurized wa-ter reactors. Selected components of different nuclear power plant units. Components of next technological systems ( (accumulator tanks, boric acid systems, systems for coolant purification and coolant inventory control, hermetic space etc.). Requirements on electrical equipment and power output systems from nuclear power plant, examples of NPP wir-ing diagrams including electrical equipment’s parameters.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Pipes, valves and fittings in nuclear power plants: fundamentals of calculations and optimizations, standardization, classification, types of pipes, additional components of pipes (thermal isolations, hangers, fittings, etc.), unique pipes in nuclear power plants, valves and fitting types and description of typical valves and fittings in nuclear power plant.

2.Pumps and blowers: Pumps classification, operation principle and main features of miscellaneous pumps types, typi-cal construction features of pumps, description of the most important pumps in nuclear power plant: primary circula-tion pumps, feedwater pumps, condensate pumps, components and a subsystem of pumps. Blowers.

3.Pressurizer systems of primary circuit: types of pressurizers and their construction, connection and construction of pressurizer subsystems (electrical heaters, letdown condenser, etc.).

4.Components of next technological systems: safety systems (hydroacumulators, emergency core cooling system, spray cooling system in containment, systems for pressure decreasing, water tanks, boric acid systems etc.), hermetic space, auxiliary systems, systems for fresh and spent fuel storage and transport.

5.Steam turbines: operation principle and basic construction, steam turbines classification, description of turbine con-struction, description of turbine components (seals, bearings, etc.), saturated steam turbines: unique features, humidity separation and reheating of steam, control devices for steam turbines, detailed description of typical steam turbines for nuclear power plants. Gas turbines for HTGR.

6.Heat exchangers: classification and construction, fundamentals of calculations: thermal, fluid mechanics and strength, reheaters and description of reheaters, description and construction of regenerative heat exchangers, deaerators, con-densers, cooling circuits.

7.Steam generators: main characteristics and requirements on steam generators, steam generators in heat schemes classi-fication of steam generators, horizontal steam generators of VVER 440 a VVER 1000 systems, vertical steam genera-tors, steam generators in nuclear power plants with gas cooled and fast reactors.

8.Requirements on electrical equipment. Power output systems. Wiring diagrams. Security of station service consump-tion for all operating and emergency situations (batteries, DG). Cabling diagrams.

9.Examples of NPP wiring diagrams including electrical equipment’s parameters. Turbogenerator.

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Key references:

[1]Leyzerovich A.S.: Wet-Steam Turbines for Nuclear Power Plants, PennWell Corporation, 2005

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Recommended references:

[4]IAEA: Assessment and management of ageing of major nuclear power plant components important to safety: Steam generators, IAEA-TECDOC-981, International Atomic Energy Agency, 1997, ISSN 1011-4289

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