Nuclear Research Installations

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course is focused on technology, operation and utilisation of nuclear research installations (research reactors) and its particular features comparing to nuclear power plants. At the beginning of the course history and classification of re-search reactors are discussed. The second part is focused on research reactor operation, safety, management as well as to intention to build research reactor, construction and commissioning of research reactor. The third part of the course deal with research reactors’ utilisation such as neutron activation analysis, radioisotope production, neutron imaging, silicon doping etc. The last part of lectures is dedicated to research reactor technology and examples of typical subcritical and critical assemblies; low, medium and high power research reactors which are in operation worldwide. The course also consists of hands-on laboratories at the Training reactor VR-1 which give students practical application of the theory presented during the lectures. Part of the laboratories is hands-on training of the VR-1 reactor operation when students are learning how to operate the reactor.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction to nuclear research installations (1 lecture)

2.History of research reactors (1 lecture)

3.Fundamentals of research reactor technology (1 lecture)

4.Safety and operation of research reactors (3 lectures)

5.Research reactors’ utilisation (3 lectures)

6.Subcritical and critical assemblies (1 lecture)

7.Low power research reactors (2 lectures)

8.Medium and high power research reactors (1 lecture)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.The VR-1 reactor technology (2 hands-on laboratories)

2.Safe operation of the VR-1 reactor (2 hands-on laboratories)

3.The VR-1 reactor operation (2 hands-on laboratories)

4.Hands-on training of the VR-1 reactor operation (2 hands-on laboratories)

5.Utilisation of the VR-1 reactor (2 hands-on laboratories)

6.Final discussion and evaluation of the course (2 hands-on laboratories)

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key references:

[1]IAEA: The applications of research reactors, NP-T-5.3, IAEA, Vienna, 2014

[2]IAEA: Strategic planning for research reactors, NG-T-3.16, IAEA, Vienna, 2017

Recommended references:

[3]IAEA: Utilization Related Design Features of Research Reactors: A Compendium, Technical Report Series, IAEA-TRS-455, IAEA, Vienna, 2007

[4]Atomic Act, ACT No. 263/2016of Coll.Of 14th July 2016

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