Monitoring and Modelling of Processes in Water Suply and Applied Field

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D44MPV ZK 1P+1C Czech
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Bohumil Šťastný
Filip Horký, Bohumil Šťastný
Filip Horký, Bohumil Šťastný
Department of Urban Water Management

The content of the subject is the monitoring of water supply networks with respect to minimum, average and extreme flows including determination of load parameters in conditions of minimum, average and maximum water consumption, fire water consumption, qualitative parameters monitored in the distribution network, recirculation circuits in selected applied branches such as balneology, the food and pharmaceutical industry and other sectors of applied water supply. Monitoring will be carried out under practical operating conditions and on assembled physical models of the distribution and circulation network. In addition, the influence of pipe network material on water quality changes, pumping system and the application of various disinfecting and coagulating agents will be monitored.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

Required literature:

•Kriš, J. (2013) Water Treatment and Water Supply. STU Bratislava. EAN: 9788022739481, ISBN 978-80-227-3948-1.

•Instrument and device manuals used to implement experiments.

Recommnended literature:

•Šťastný, B. (2003) Construction and operation of swimming pools. ABF. EAN: 9788086165561, ISBN 80-86165-56-6

•Relevant articles in professional indexed journals.

Study aids:

•multi-parameter device with pH / ORP sensors, temperature, dissolved oxygen, EC, turbidity and ISE electrodes for chloride, nitrate and ammonia measurement,

•suction nozzle vacuum suction kit and intake manifold inlet,

•a set of devices for continuous scanning and measurement of indoor and indoor climate of technical and other rooms (CO, CO2, O2, humidity, temperature, vibration sensor, pressure, flow rate, waterproof camera,….),

•peristaltic pump, which allows time-variable precision adjustment of the pumped volume of liquids

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