Drinking Water Engineering

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144DWE Z,ZK 6 2P+3C English
Garant předmětu:
Bohumil Šťastný
Filip Horký, Jana Nábělková, Bohumil Šťastný
Filip Horký, Jana Nábělková, Bohumil Šťastný
Department of Urban Water Management

The course focusses in the first part on drinking water distribution system including intake objects, treatment plant and storage and consumers infrastructures. In another part connect lectures on water treatment in swimming pools and spas. The students will master technologies and processes used in drinking water and its transportation to the population of towns and villages, including the application of water treatment technology in specialized environments such as swimming pools, spas, zoo, and canoe water slalom.


General understanding of hydraulics (esp. pressure flow) is recommended

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Water distribution system (between intake objects and treatment plant and storage tank and consumers infrastructure).

2. Design of intake objects, water treatment plant, storage tank, consumer's water infrastructure.

3. Water pumping system (types of pumps, wiring methods, regulation, working procedure)

4. Pipe distribution system (material, design, connections, laying, ..).

5. Construction and operation of water supply system.

6. Measurement, control, monitoring and detection.

7. The development of the spa industry (water management issues, legislation, meaning, geography, ...)

8. Hot-spring technology (catchment springs, storage, transportation, muds technology)

9. Specialised and advanced water recirculation systems (ZOO, Industry, swimming pools, ..)

10. Steps of construction, urban pointer, disposition, water resources

11. Theory solution of regeneration pool water (balance equations , exchange system, layout, ...)

12. Technology of pool water (technological equipment, technological processes, material, ...)

13. Economic Assessment (investment, operating), rules and regulations.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Calculation the need of drinking water.

2. Calculation and design of water reservoir.

3. Design of Drinking Water Supply System.

4. Design of pressure belts.

5. Calculation of the water supply network - part 1.

6. Calculation of the water supply network - part 2.

7. Design of drinking water filters.

8. Assessment of underground resource yield.

9. Water balance of swimming pool water.

10. Design of recirculation water treatment circuit for specialized plants - Part 1.

11. Design of recirculation water treatment circuit for specialized plants - Part 2.

12. Design of the chemicals management of swimming pools.

13. Processing of the technological scheme of the water treatment plant based on the previous points.

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with the design of technical equipment and technologies used in the water resources, water treatment and distribution of drinking water and in swimming pool a spa.

Study materials:

Harry E. Hickey: Water Supply Systems and Evaluation Methods, 2008

Jozef Kris: Water Treatment a Water Supply, 2013.

Christoph Saunus: Swimming Pools: Planning - Construction - Operation ; Planning - Construction - Operation of Private and Public Indoor and Outdoor Pools Including Whirlpools and Therapeutic Pools, 2008.

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