Treatment and distribution of drinking water

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Department of Urban Water Management

The subject deals with the issue of water supply from the source, from raw water intake, treatment processes, accumulation and distribution of drinking water to the consumers, to its subsequent use by specific customers (eg. balneology and food production). The subject also includes the basics of hydrochemistry and hydrobiology of drinking water and water in the source.


elaboration of tasks from exercises, protocols from laboratory works

Syllabus of lectures:

[1]Water sources, water quality in source, intake objects, protection zones

[2] Methods of groundwater treatment – carbon dioxide removal, iron and manganese removal, filtration, disinfection

3] Surface water treatment - mechanical pre -treatment, preoxidation, primary disinfection, clarification, flash mixing, dissolved air flotation, filtration, adsorption, membrane filtration, stabilization, hygienic security. The sludge management of the water treatment plant

[4]Water need - development, calculation

[5] Pumping Station - Transport of water from source to consumer

[6] Accumulation, types, functions, calculation, pressure zones design

[7] Distribution network - design parameters and requirements - topology, pressure, pipe materials, fittings, valves, construction and remediation of water mains, control activities - flows, pressures, leaks

[8] Water management issues of therapeutic and municipal spa, disposition and composition of therapeutic and municipal spa

[9] Water, care for it and its inspection, principles of design and construction, theory and technology of pool water regeneration

[10] Application of devices and attractions

[11] Economics - Savings in design and operation, legislation

[12] Hydrobiology of groundwater and drinking water sources

[13] Hydrochemistry of drinking water

Syllabus of tutorials:

Calculation of water needs

- Hydrology of water resources

- Design of water reservoir volume

- Design of coagulation tank

- Design of filter

- Excursion to Káraný

- Design of pool technology line

- Field exercise from hydrobiology of flowing waters

- Laboratory exercises from water supply hydrobiology

- Laboratory exercise from hydrochemistry - inorganic substances in waters

- Laboratory exercise from hydrochemistry - organic substances in waters

Study Objective:

The aim of the subject is to acquaint the students with the base of drinking water management, balneotechnics, hydrochemistry and hydrobiology.

Study materials:

Kriš J.: Water treatment and water supply, Západoslovenské tlačiarně, 2018

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