Water treatment and water quality

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Department of Urban Water Management

Composition of natural waters. Types of water pollution, its effects and characteristics. Pollution sources. Running waters. Reservoirs. Water quality monitoring. Water quality classification in the Czech Republic. Water quality protection. Water quality modelling. Drinking Water treatment. Distribution of drinking water.


Continuous solution of examples in exercises, submission of selected examples. Mandatory participation in invited lectures.

Syllabus of lectures:

Water Quality

1. Use of water and requirements for its quality. Natural composition of surface freshwaters - cycles of basic elements, processes and natural factors.

2. Water pollution I - types of pollution, their properties and effects (pollution causing oxygen depletion, nutrients, suspended solids, toxic substances, plastics)

3. Water pollution II - types of pollution, their properties and effects (water acidification, thermal pollution, pathogenic microorganisms, pollution affecting organoleptic properties)

4. Sources of pollution - point and non-point sources, sources related to surface runoff, accidents

5. Lakes and reservoirs - ecosystem, stratification, eutrophication, modelling, protection measures

6. Special lecture on humic substances and manipulation with drinking water reservoirs

7. Special lecture on eutrophication and biomanipulation of reservoirs

8. Streams and rivers - ecosystem, self-purification, modelling of transport and transformation processes, protection measures

9. Measurement and monitoring of water quality - temporal and spatial aspects, physical-chemical monitoring, biomonitoring, hydromorphological monitoring. Classification of surface water quality in the Czech Republic.

10. Special lecture on micropollutants as a new type of pollution

11. Legislative approaches to water protection – EU and Czech legislation

12. Field trip Biomonitoring of streams

13. Conclusions and Discussion

Water Management:

1. Legislation, history of water treatment, water sources, water quality

2. Water treatment methods, design of water treatment plant

3. Treatment of groundwater – CO2 removal, iron and manganese removal, filtration, disinfection, ion exchange

4. Treatment of surface water - mechanical pre -treatment, preoxidation, disinfection

5. Treatment of surface water - clarification, dissolved air flotation

6. Treatment of surface water - filtration, adsorption, stabilization, membrane processes, sludge management

7. Water demand - calculation

8. Pump stations

9. Water tanks - functions, calculation, pressure zones

10. Distribution of water - design parameters and requirements

11. Distribution of water - pipe materials, fittings, constructions

12. Distribution of water - maintenance

13. Conclusions and Discussion

Syllabus of tutorials:

Water Quality:

1. Characterization of the chemical composition of waters.

2. Mass balances, substance transformation. Rivers - transformation of pollution.

3. Rivers - transport of pollution: tracer, pulse.

Water Management:

1. Evaluation of the pumping test

2. Design of pressure zones

3. Design of the discharge system

Study Objective:

Water Quality: The goals of the study are to understand natural processes and human influences on the quality of surface waters and to master the basics of water quality modelling.

Water Management: The goals of the study are to understand drinking water treatment processes and and the issue of drinking water distribution from the source to the consumers.

Study materials:

! Pitter P. (2021). Hydrochemie. 5. vydání. ISBN: 978-80-7080-928-0

! Boyd Claude E. (2016). Water Quality. ISBN 13 (EAN) 9783319330624

? Gujer, Willi (2008). Systems Analysis for Water Technology. ISBN 978-3-540-77278-1

? Franzle Stefan (2012). Introduction to Environmental Engineering. ISBN13 (EAN): 9783527329816

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