Strategic Management of Informatics

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MI-SMI.16 Z,ZK 5 3P+1C Czech
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Department of Software Engineering

The course focuses on the strategic management of information systems. Students will learn the process of creation and implementation of an information strategy, IT governance, the importance of ICT for business and interrelations between information strategies and lobal business strategies. Furthermore, they gain the knowledge in the areas of economic management of IS/IT, management of investments and ROI, assessment of IT investments and management of human resources in IT (the role of CIO, CEO, CFO). The part of the course is the role of project management, risk management and quality assessment of informatics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Strategic ICT management. The documents and tools in management of informatics.

2. Understanding the business. The link between business and information strategy. Information Architecture and Enterprise Architecture.

3. IT Governance and its role in business strategy.

4. The roles in IT management, the role of the CIO, CFO and CEO

5. Management of human resoureces. Communication planning and management of meetings.

6. Management of Economics and Finance - yield management and investments. Measuring the contribution of IT to the business.

7. Service Development Management. The Role of project management and change management in IT.

8. Control and measuring the quality of business informatics and its services.

9. Managing Risk in business informatics and software support.

10. Commercial process and its support in CRM, Digital Marketing and online sales.

11. The instruments and principles of Social Computing and its role in marketing and communication.

12th Digital Business and its influence on business strategy and business model.

Syllabus of tutorials:

During the seminars specific model problem of governance of enterprise IS/IT will be addressed and the semestral work will be processed on one of the topics (themes) of strategic management.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with the principles of strategic IT management, the relation between corporate and information strategy, the relation of IS/ ICT to business and business goals respectively and or fulfilling the mission of the organization. Students will acquaint with the principles of IT Governance and their implementation in the areas of economic management, project management and risk management and quality. They will understand the principles of the digital economy and digital business

Study materials:

1. Clarke, S.: Information Systems Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach. Routledge. 2006. 04-153-8187-8.

2. Corrall, S.: Strategic Management of Information Services a Planning Handbook. Europa Publications. 2000. 978-020-3403-044.

3. Voříšek, J. - Pour, J.: Management podnikové informatiky. Professional Publishing. 2012. 978-80-7431-102-4.

4. Dohnal, J. - Příklenk, O.: CIO a podpora byznysu: s případovými studiemi CIO v ČR a SR. Grada. 2011. 978-80-247-4050-8.

5. Schwalbe, K.: Řízení projektů v IT: kompletní průvodce. Computer Press. 2011. 978-80-251-2882-4.

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