Steel Structures 1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
134OK01 Z,ZK 6 3P+2C Czech

The course 134OK01 can be graded only after the course 134NNKO has been successfully completed.

The course 134OM1K can be graded only after the course 134OK01 has been successfully completed.

The course 134OCM1 can be graded only after the course 134OK01 has been successfully completed.

Garant předmětu:
Michal Jandera
Jakub Dolejš, Aleš Chovanec, Matyáš Kožich, Břetislav Židlický
Department of Steel and Timber Structures

The course OK01 aims to expand the knowledge acquired in the subject NNK and concerning design of basic steel structures. In the theoretical part are delivered possibilities of global analysis of structures including classification from view of necessities of nonlinear analyses. Design of steel elements is widen for global analysis methods, advanced composite steel and concrete beams/columns and cold-formed thin-walled elements. The main part of the subject deals with complex design of multi-storey steel buildings and steel industrial halls. Final lectures concern large-span structures, uniqueness in design of tall buildings, including effects of seismicity.


Successful passing of subjects: NNKO.

Syllabus of lectures:

Grade selection, execution classes, high strength steels.

Interactions of internal forces for sections and members, built-up members,.

Global analysis methods for steel structures.

Composite steel and concrete beams and columns.

Stability of plates. Thin-walled cold-formed members.

Multi-storey steel buildings, layout, floors.

Columns, column bases, anchorage, bracings.

Single-story buildings, layout, roof structure.

Roof bracings, built-in column bases, portal frame halls. Exterior walls.

Large-span structures. Theory of anchors.

Tall buildings. BIM, economy of steel structures.


Video, reserve.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Design project of a steel and concrete composite structure of a multi-storey building and a steel industrial building.

Study Objective:

Ability to design basic steel structures, multi-storey and single-storey buildings.

Study materials:

! Macháček, Studnička Ocelové konstrukce 2. ČVUT v Praze, 2005, 152 s. (ISBN: 80-01-03174-8)

! Macháček, Studnička: Ocelové konstrukce 20. ČVUT v Praze, 2002, 309 s. (ISBN: 80-01-02529-2)

! Trahair, Bradford, Nethercot, Gardner: The behaviour and design of steel structures to EC3. Taylor & Francis, 2008, 490 s. (ISBN: 978-0-415-41865-2)

! Dowling, Knowles, Owens: Structural Steel Design. Butterworths London, 1988, 399 s. (ISBN: 0-408-03717-2)

: Studnička, Holický, Marková: Ocelové konstrukce 2: zatížení, ČVUT v Praze, 2. vyd., 2015, 138 s. (ISBN: 978-80-01-05815-2)

: Jandera, Eliášová, Vraný, T.: Ocelové konstrukce 1 - Cvičení, 3. opravené vydání, 2015, 163 s. (on-line)

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