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17PBOCHM Z,ZK 2 2P+1L Czech
The course 17PBOMCH can be graded only after the course 17PBOCHM has been successfully completed.
The course 17PBOBCH can be graded only after the course 17PBOCHM has been successfully completed.
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Department of Biomedical Technology

Introduction to chemistry, categorization and properties of substances, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, elements in periodic table, organic chemistry fundamentals, natural substances, polymers, analytical methods - instrumental analysis, chemical calculations, chemical equations


Terms of credit: Attendance at laboratory training.

Written exam includes themes of laboratory training.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Subject and objective of chemistry, definitions, physical value, conformation of atoms, periodic system of elements.

2.Clasification and characteristics of chemical materials, compounds, solutions, theory of acids and alkali, state of matter.

3.Chemical bonds, conformation of molekuls.Chemical reactions - types, reaction kinetics.

4.Clasification of chemical elements, hydrogen, oxygen.

5.s- and p-block elements.

6.d- and f-block elements, biological importance.

7.Alifatic and alicyklic nonoxygen organic molekuls.

8.Alifatic and alicyklic oxygen organic molekuls.

9.Aromatic a heterocyklic organic molekuls.

10.Natural moleculs.

11.Basic analytical notions, sampling, expession of answer and their veracity.

12.Instrumental analysis - spektral metods.

13.Instrumental analysis - separation metods.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Laboratory regulations, introduction to working in the laboratory of chemistry.

2.Characteristics nonmetal elements and their adducts I (S, P, N, C)

3.Characteristics nonmetal elements and their adducts II (H,O)

4.Characteristics metal elements and their adducts, analytical proof

5.Acidobazic reaction

6.Characteristics of lipids

Study Objective:

Mastering of chemical knowledge. Mastering of basic chemistry overview, conformation of atoms and its relations with particular characteristics of elements, usage in practice, organic chemistry. To get knowledge and practical skills in analytical chemistry. Important part is mastering of common calculation process in laboratory praktice as well as in theoretical researches.

Study materials:

[1]Ralph A. Burns: Fundamentals of Chemistry (4th Edition). Prentice Hall; 4 edition (2002). 746 s.

[2]Ralph A. Burns: Fundamentals of Chemistry in the Laboratory (4th Edition). Prentice Hall; 4 edition, 2002

[3] John W. Pluemer: Fundamentals of Chemistry. Lulu Marketplace. 2005. 125 s.

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