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123CHE Z,ZK 4 3P+1C Czech
During a review of study plans, the course 123CH01 can be substituted for the course 123CHE.
The requirement for course 123CHE can be fulfilled by substitution with the course 123CH01.
Garant předmětu:
Milena Pavlíková
Martin Keppert, Jana Nábělková, Milena Pavlíková
Kristýna Ďurišová, Pavla Dvořáková, Petra Hoskovcová, Martin Keppert, Klára Kobetičová, Jana Nábělková, Jana Nekovářová, Milena Pavlíková, Klára Pulcová, Martina Záleská
Department of Material Engineering and Chemistry

Introduction to general chemistry - chemical bond, compounds, reactions, equilibrium. Chemistry of environment - water, atmosphere, pedosphere. Chemistry of building materials - inorganic binders, glass, ceramic, metals, natural polymers, wood, synthetic polymers on C and Si basis. Introduction to degradation of building materials and to analytical chemistry.


Awarding assessment:

1. completion of practical laboratory exercises - one absence allowed with a timely excuse and a substitute form of exercise chosen,

2. preparation and submission of lab reports,

3. passing a test on the topics covered in the laboratory exercises - passing at least 50% .


1. exam test written at more than 50%,

2. oral examination.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction. Basics of general chemistry, nomenclature of inorganic and organic compounds, bonds in compounds.

2. Basic physical chemistry: phase equilibria, dispersion systems, dissociation, hydrolysis, basic electrochemistry.

3. Chemical reactions, kinetics of chemical reactions, basics of chemical calculations.

4. Water: water cycle in nature, physical and chemical properties of water, chemical composition.

5. Water: water treatment, water in construction, water stress, water conservation.

6. Air and air: composition of the atmosphere, dispersion and diffusion of air pollution, reactions, air protection.

7. Soil: composition, properties, pollution, soil chemistry, soil from construction perspective, soil protection, remediation.

8. Chemical composition of raw materials for construction, chemistry of inorganic construction binders.

9. Chemistry of inorganic construction binders. Hydraulic lime, natural cement, cement, concrete and aggregates.

10. Chemical properties of glass, ceramics, refractories.

11. Metals in construction (general properties, chemical properties, corrosion, corrosion protection).

12. Macromolecular substances, plastics in construction, polymer concretes. Wood and cellulose, resins.

13. Degradation of building materials. Sampling and preparation for analysis. Errors in chemical determinations, and processing of results.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Fundamental chemical calculations.

Composition of mixtures.

Preparation of solutions, balaces in mixtures.

Stoichiometric calculations.

Balancing of chemical equations.

Practical excersise in water analysis.

Practical excersise in analysis of building materials.

Study Objective:

The goal of study is orientation in chemical processes taking place in environment and building materials. Student is well oriented in chemical nature of building materials, raw materials and production of them. She/he is able to evaluate degradation processes of building mater

Study materials:

!Pavlíková, Keppert, Chemie - chemie stavebních materiálů, ČVUT Praha 2009, ISBN: 978-80-01-04237-3

!Nábělková, Nekovářová, CHEMIE:Chemie životního prostředí, ČVUT Praha 2010, ISBN: 978-80-01-04534-3

?Yen, T.: Chemistry for engineers. London: Imperial College Press, 2008, ISBN: 978-1-86094-775-9

?Kurdowski, W.: Cement and Concrete Chemistry,Springer Science & Business, 2014, ISBN:9400779453

?Grünwald, A.: Chemie, ČVUT Praha 2005, ISBN 80-01-03243-4

Shriver, Atkins, Inroganic Chemistry, Oxford UP, 2001.

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