Ecological Aspects of Transport

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137YEAD Z 2 1P+1C Czech
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Department of Railway Structures

Negative impacts of noise and vibration on human. Assessment of varied transport noise Acoustic levels. Noise maps. Noise study. Traffic noise characteristics of different transport means. Propagation of noise. Ways of environment protection before adverse impacts of transport noise (urban, architectural, traffic-organizing, technical).


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Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the issue of noise. Basic properties of sound, noise, hearing; sound perception, range of audibility, types of noise

2. Quantities for describing noise, acoustic levels and working with them, measurement uncertainty.

3. Legislation valid in the EU and the Czech Republic regarding health protection against adverse effects on health with a focus on noise issues.

4. Acoustic measurements, calculation, prediction, SW samples, strategic noise mapping.

5. Noise propagation, influence of obstacles, attenuation; nature of the noise source: linear, point and area.

6. Anti-noise measures - active, passive.

7. Instrumentation - work with an acoustic camera - localization of noise sources, Salamander - a device for measuring the roughness and waviness of the rail.

Syllabus of tutorials:

The Exercises for practical assimilation of knowledge acquired during lectures 1-7.

Acoustic measurement in situ

Processing of measured data into a sample measurement report.

Excursion - visit to the anechoic room of the FEL - CTU in Prague.

Preparation of a semester paper on a selected topic, work with professional foreign articles on the given topic.

Presentation of semestral paper and measurement report.

Study Objective:

Recognition with problems of traffic noise, ways of its valuation and with possibilities of reduction of its negative effects.

Study materials:

![1] Krejčiříková, H.: Železniční stavby 1 / 1st part, Český technika – ČVUT publishing house, 2020, ISBN 978-80-01-06157-2.

![2] Nový, R.: Hluk a chvéní, Český technika – ČVUT publishing house, 2019, ISBN 978-80-01-06554-9.

![4] Regulation SŽ S4 Železniční spodek, Railway Administration, state organization, year 2020

?[5] Ministry of Health: Methodological guide for measuring and evaluating noise in the non-work environment, Ministry of Health Bulletin 11/2017, 18/10/2017.

?[6] Institute of Health, NATIONAL REFERENCE LABORATORY FOR MUNICIPAL NOISE: PROFESSIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS for measurement and assessment of noise in the non-work environment version 1.0, Ostrava, 2018.

?[7] Thompson, D.: Railway Noise and Vibration: mechanisms, modeling and means of control; Elsevir, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0-08-045147-3.

?[8] Kotzen, B., English., C.: Environmental Noise Barriers: A guide to their acoustic and visual design - 2nd ed., Spon Press, 2009, ISBN-13: 978-0-415-43708-0 .

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