Geotechnical monitoring and field testing

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Department of Geotechnics

Monitoring of structures and subsoil applied as a tool for verification of assumptions made at design stage, selection of input data for calculations and for serviceability approval. Relationship of instrumentation by sensors and reliability to describe subsoil response and development of behaviour of monitored structure in real scale. Data gathering for back analyses and modelling of subsoil and structure deformation development. Practical training of line-wise monitoring of 3D displacement in instrumented borehole in front of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Examples if instrumentation and data gathering for different types of displacement sensors, mechanical stress and temperature.

Description, execution and evaluation of results of selected field tests. Examples of applications of field tests and applications for calculations and modelling. Design of field tests and field instrumentation for selected types of structures and site conditions.


Geology, Soil Mechnics and Foundation of Structures

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction, definition of terms, reasons for application of monitoring and boundary conditions

2.Basics of measurement, sensors and data gathering, applications in geotechnical monitoring

3.Measuring of shifts and inclinations – at the ground level/structure

4.Measuring of stresses – pore pressure, total stress, anchor force / force in strut, instrumentation

5.Line-wise monitoring of deformation in structure / subsoil / rock mass

6.Monitoring – goals, questions when, why, what and which way to measure. Examples of structures which shall be monitored – Eurocode 7

7.Examples of instrumentation of structures and development of performance qualified by monitoring

8.Principles of design of monitoring for selected types of structures and subsoil

9.Designs of instrumentation according to type of construction and requirements for verification of performance, alternatives in relation to goals of monitoring and time relations

10.Review of field tests – determination of geomechanical parameters “in situ”

11.Static plate load test, pile load test and alternatives of instrumentation

12.Dynamic and static penetration test

13.Tests provided in boreholes – pressuremeters and dilatometers

14.Students seminar presentations, discussion to potential alternatives

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Examples of sensors used in geotechnical monitoring

2.Software for operation of sensors

3.Examples of measuring tool ú probes for geotechnical monitoring, sett up, data recording

4.Procedures of instrumentation of sensors in subsoil and construction

5.Line-wise monitoring of deformation (LWM) in instrumented boreholes, measuring casings and instrumentation

6.LWM - training in instrumented borehole in front of Faculty – different types of probes for 3D deformation monitoring

7.LWM – potential sources of errors, their reducing and possibility of output data control in time of measurement

8.Evaluation of measured data and data processing for final user

9.Design of subsoil and structure instrumentation – selected examples

10.Discussion to designs, alternatives of instrumentation and evaluation

11.Potential problems in relation to instrumentation according to presented designs and alternatives

12.Maintenance and assumed lifetime of elements of geotechnical monitoring and field testing

13.Site visit with instrumentation and geotechnical monitoring according to available sites for presentation

14.Students seminar presentations, discussion to potential alternatives

Study Objective:

Acquaint students with basic principles of geotechnical monitoring and field testing; with reasons for application of monitoring, execution, evaluation of results and design in cases of selected examples and give information about design, execution and evaluation of field tests with examples of their instrumentation.

Study materials:

Obligatory: Lectures in pdf files sent directly to students by e-mail.


[1] Dunnicliff, J. Geotechnical instrumentation for monitoring field performance A Wiley-Interscience Publication. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. ISBN 0-471-00546-0.

[2] Smoltczyk, U.: Geotechnical Engineering Handbook, Fundamentals. Ernst & Son Verlag A Wiley Comp., Berlin, 2002, ISBN 3-433-01449-3.

Study requisites: Actual publications focused on separate topics in pdf files sent directly to students by e-mail.

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