Structural Mechanics 3

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132SM3 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech

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Garant předmětu:
Petr Kabele
Dagmar Jandeková, Martin Lebeda
Department of Mechanics

Deformation and force method for the solution of reactions and internal forces on statically indeterminate beams, frames, and truss structures. Calculation of displacements of beams, frames, and truss structures using the principle of virtual works.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Review degree of static indeterminacy. Basic relations of the theory of beams. Solution of the diff. equation for deflection. Continuous beam - basic idea of displacement method (DM).

2. Simplified Deformation Method (SDM) - Solution of plane frames with rotating-only joints. Formalization. Calculation of deflections.

3. SDM - Reduction of the number of unknowns in the hinged connection of the beam (static condensation). Solution of plane frames with translating floors/columns.

4. DM - Statically indeterminate tension-compression. Solution of statically indeterminate truss structures.

5. General deformation method (GTM) - solution of plane frames.

6. Test I.

7. GDM - Plane frames, effect of prescribed support displacements and temperature changes.

8. SDM and GDM - Summary. Use of symmetry. Static analysis of plane frames using computer programs.

9. Principle of virtual forces (PVf) - Introduction: kinematic and statically allowable states, principle of virtual works (displacements and forces), calculation of displacements on beams in bending, reduction theorem. PVf for indirect loads Calculation of displacements on frame and truss structures.

10. Test II

12. Force Method (FM) - principle of the force method, choice of basic system, solution of plane frames and truss systems, checking of results.

12. FM - solution of beam grids under out-of-plane loads.

13. Review, reserve.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Review: degree of static indeterminacy, internal forces on stat. determinate frames.

2. SDM - Continuous beams.

3., 4. SDM - Plane frames with rotating-only joints. Plane frames with translating floors/columns. Use of static condensation, use of symmetry.

5. DM - Truss structures.

6. GDM - Plane frames (force loading).

7. GDM - Plane frames (use of symmetry, loading by temperature change or displacement of supports).

8., 9. PVf - Calculation of deflections and rotations of continuous beams, plane frames (also on structures loaded by temperature change or displacement of supports). Compatibility check.

10., 11. FM - Plane frames and truss structures (including loading by temperature change or displacement of supports, use of symmetry).

12. FM - Truss structures.

13. Review, reserve.

Study Objective:

Students will learn to solve reactions and internal forces using the deformation and force method and calculate displacements using the principle of virtual works.

Study materials:

Study aids online:




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Megson T. H. G.: Structural and Stress Analysis. Jordan Hill, UNITED KINGDOM: Elsevier Science & Technology 2005. ISBN: 978-0-08-045534-1.

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