Equipment Complex of Nuclear Power Plants 2

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course familiarizes students with basic machine devices of nuclear power plants, which are important for their operation, as are: pressurizer system, pumps and blowers, steam and gas turbines, heat exchangers (condensers, steam generators, reheaters, feed water heaters, etc.) and pipes and valves. Informations about devices are given primarily in descriptive level. It means that students are familiarized with different designs, used materials, manufacturing and operational experiences and parameters of real devices from power plants. Students also receive basic outline of fundamental theory about calculations of devices.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Pressurizer Systems of Primary Circuit

1 lecture

The pressurizer function in the primary circuit, physical description of pressurizer, model and calculation of pressurizer, operational states of pressurizer, types of pressurizers and their construction, connection and construction of pressurizer subsystems (electrical heaters, letdown condenser, etc.).

2. Pumps

2 lectures

Pumps classification, operation principle and main features of miscellaneous pumps types, typical construction features of pumps, description of the most important pumps in nuclear power plant: primary circuit main recirculation pumps, feed pumps, condensate pumps, others pumps, pumps for liquid metals, components and a subsystems of pumps.

3. Steam turbines

2 lectures

Operation principle and basic construction, steam turbines classification, description of turbine construction, fundamental calculations, description of turbine components (seals, bearings, etc.), saturated steam turbines: unique features, humidity separation and reheating of steam, control of steam, turbines, detailed description of the 220 MW and 1000MW turbines.

4. Gas turbines and blowers for gas cooled reactors

1 lecture

Blowers operation principle, fundamental calculations, description of blower construction, basic features of blowers, gas turbines and their unique features, description of components and subsystems of gas turbines and blowers (seals, bearings, etc.).

5. Condensers systems and bypass valves

1 lecture

Condensers of steam turbines (thermal calculations, description, construction), cooling system of nuclear power plants (types of cooling, construction, cooling towers, etc.), bypass valves (their function and description).

6. Heat exchangers

1 lecture

Classification, construction, principle of thermal and hydraulic calculations, feed water regeneration systems, description of regenerative heat exchangers, construction of regenerative heat exchangers, deaerator.

7. Pipes and fittings in nuclear power plant

1 lecture

Standardization, classification, unique pipes in nuclear power plant, fitting types a description of typical fitting in nuclear power plant.

8. Steam generators

2 lectures

Position of steam generators in heat schemes of nuclear power plants, heat calculation of steam generator, steam generator of the VVER 440 a VVER 1000, vertical steam generators, steam generators in nuclear power plants with gas cooled and fast reactors, hydraulic calculation of steam generators.

9. Complete disposition of nuclear power plant

1 lecture

Bubble condenser, containments, air engineering, diesel-generators, layout of nuclear power plants and its parts.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

Knowledge: description and construction of the most important machine devices of nuclear power plant, fundamental calculations of selected machine devices of nuclear power plant.

Abilities: orientation in field of machine devices of nuclear power plant

Study materials:

Hejzlar R.: Stroje a zařízení jaderných elektráren, Díl 1, Nakladatelství ČVUT, Praha, 2000

Hejzlar R.: Stroje a zařízení jaderných elektráren, Díl 2, Nakladatelství ČVUT, Praha, 2000

Tong, L.S., Weisman, J.: Thermal Analysis of Pressurized Water Reactors, American Nuclear Society, Illinois USA, 1996, ISBN: 0-89448-038-3

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