Fundamentals of Technology I.

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Production processes in engineering production. Technology of engineering production. Materials in engineering. Concepts of steel and cast iron, technical metals. Production of pig iron and steel. Casting: modeling devices, molding materials, molding and castings. Foundry alloys. Overview of basic casting technology. Forming technology. Hot and cold forging. Free and drop forging. Rolling. Production of pipes. Bulk and sheet metal forming. Welding technology. The characteristics of the various types of welding. Fusion welding: Flame welding and arc welding with coated electrodes. Thermal cutting.


- 100% participation at seminars. Potential absence can be replaced with another group according to the schedule and as agreed with the teacher.

- Successful completion of the final test.

Syllabus of lectures:


- Basic concepts

- Engineering manufacturing technology

- Distribution and importance of manufacturing processes in engineering disciplines

- Properties of metals and alloys

- Production of steel and cast iron

- Metal Industry, the equilibrium diagram iron-iron carbid


- History of metallurgy, concepts of iron and steel

- Technical metals and alloys, their properties in terms of technology production and use

- Properties of cast metals in terms of production technology

- Castings, rules for construction and design of castings, intake system and risers

- The production of foundry molds, foundry sand mixture, the model device (pattern)

- Selected casting technology - principles, casted metals, typical castings

Metal Forming:

- Forming history, basic concepts, a division forming technologies

- Heating of materials, heating equipment

- Basic principles of forming machines

- The description of plane forming and bulk-forming technology

- A description of other equipment of mills and forges


- Methods Welding - classification, different methods

- Characteristics of the various types of welding, metallurgy of the weld

- Comparison with rivets welding, forging and casting

- Flame welding - types of flames, gases, usage

- Manual MMA - principle, the distribution of electrodes, the use of technologies

- Welding in protective atmosphere

- Types of joints and welds

- Metal cutting with oxygen

- Resistance welding

Syllabus of tutorials:

Introductory lesson

Practical exercises - Casting

Practical exercises - Forming

Practical exercises - Welding

Summarizing lesson

The final test

Study Objective:

To present the historical context of metallurgical production in relation to production technologies. Clearly inform about typical casting, forming and welding technologies.

Study materials:

- Documentation of 1st lesson ( 3313 kB; 29.09.2009 09:39)

- Template for papers ( 52 kB; 16.09.2011 13:01)

SUCHÁNEK, J., BRYKSÍ STUNOVÁ, B. Fundamentals of technology I. Praha: ČVUT, 2011. 92 str. ISBN 978-80-01-04709-5.

SUCHÁNEK, J., BRYKSÍ STUNOVÁ, B., VONDROUŠ, P. Fundamentals of technology I. Praha: ČVUT, 2020. 92 str. ISBN 978-80-01-06665-2.

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