Diploma Thesis

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136DPM Z 30 24C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jan Hradil, Jaromíra Ježková, Petr Mondschein, Petr Pánek, Petr Slabý, Michal Uhlík, Jan Valentin, Ludvík Vébr
Department of Road Structures

The assigned topic of diploma theses can be a project, traffic surveys, research of selected issues with application in practice for various technical solutions of road structures, laboratory tests to verify the functionality of various materials for pavements, etc. In terms of design, the most common topics of theses are, for example, the design of a new construction or reconstruction of a selected section of a road (bypass, flyover), the design of a road network in a selected area of the city, the design of a new construction or reconstruction of intersections, the design of an airport, heliport, etc. In terms of pavement structures and road construction technologies, the most frequent topics of work are, for example, comparison of different material solutions for asphalt or concrete pavements, including the relevant composite materials or input components (binders, aggregates, etc.), assessment of the behaviour of a particular material or type of structure by laboratory methods, or carrying out simulations, etc.


Completion of the diploma thesis in accordance with the approved assignment in the required quality and scope. Ongoing consultation with the supervisor of the diploma thesis. Submission of the diploma thesis within the given deadlines, scope and quality.

All students who wish to defend their final master thesis and thus complete their studies at the Department of Road Structures must, in agreement with their thesis supervisor (and with regard to the professional focus of the final thesis), complete the relevant departmental compulsory elective courses required for successful completion of the master's degree. For the Master's degree, this means taking YEES, YLET, YPPK and YMVZ.

Syllabus of lectures:

Not applicable.

Syllabus of tutorials:

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Study Objective:

Verification whether the student can elaborate, analyze and process more complex forms of tasks where independent creative and analytical work is required and whether he/she can use the knowledge acquired through studies - including professional knowledge gained in other subjects outside road construction - from professional literature, documents and data obtained from practice.

Study materials:

Applicable laws, decrees, technical standards ČSN/ČSN EN/ISO, technical specifications see www.pjpk.cz, domestic and foreign literature, technical or scientific articles/papers and research/technical reports.

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