Nuclear Technology Devices

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Department of Nuclear Reactors

The course is focused on instrumentation for neutron detection and gamma ray spectrometry used for reactor experiments and neutron instrumentation of nuclear facilities. The lecture is supplemented by practical demonstrations of equipment used at the VR-1 reactor.



Syllabus of lectures:

1. Instrumentation for neutron detection and gamma radiation spectrometry in reactor applications

Scope: 1 lecture

Introduction to the topic, literature review, study materials, the purpose of nuclear technology devices, portable devices for radiation protection

2. Methods of analog signal processing

Scope: 4 lectures

Signal detection and spectroscopy; pulse, current, and MSV operating mode of detector. Signal processing, amplification, shaping, discrimination.

Optimization of pulse shape, pulse pile up, the effect of time constant, resolution of system, throughput characteristic. A/D converters, integral and differential nonlinearity. Signal analysis by digital oscilloscope.

Scintillation and semiconductor gamma spectrometry by different detectors (NaI/Tl, BGO, HPGe). Coincidence/ anticoincidence, active and passive methods of shielding.

Measurement of small currents. Discrimination in mixed radiation fields of gamma rays and neutron.

Neutron detection with compensated and uncompensated ionization chambers (B10, U235), proportional detectors (He3, B10), and B10 corona detectors.

3. Digital Signal Processing

Scope: 1 lecture

Digital Signal Processing, benefits and requirements, types of converters, multichannel systems for processing signals from the detector.

4. Calibration of the measuring system

Scope: 3 lectures

Linearity of response, correction of nonlinearity, continuity measuring ranges. The dead time of pulse system

Energy and efficiency calibration. Metrological verification.

Wide range detection systems used to control devices with requirements for high reliability.

5. Neutron instrumentation of nuclear power plant

Scope: 3 lectures

In-Core and Ex-core measurements, used neutron detectors, measuring ranges. Calibration of the reactor power.

Neutron instrumentation PWR and BWR reactors, the neutron reactor instrumentation VVVR-1000 (NPP Temelin), EPR (AREVA).

6. Apparatus for measuring of the pulse response

Scope: 1 lecture

The issue of radiation detection equipment operating in pulse mode (accelerators, transmutation technologies). Measurement uncertainty, the influence of nonlinearities, the choice of detector.

The lecture is supplemented by practical demonstrations of equipment for measuring radiation in the workplace VR-1

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

Knowledge: an overview of the instruments and instrumentation in reactor applications and the optimal method of their use in practical applications.

Abilities: orientation in the matter, the application of knowledge gained in experimental measurements

Study materials:

Key references:

Knoll G. F.: Radiation Detection and Measurement, 3rd ed., John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2003

Recommended references:

Polushkin V. Nuclear Electronics, Superconducting Detectors and Processing Techniques, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2004

Calibration of Radiation Protection Monitoring Instruments, Safety reports series No. 16, Vienna: International Atomic Energy Agency, 1999

www.canberra.com, www.ortec-online.com, www.berthold.com

Media and tools:

Scintillation NaI/TI and the semiconductor HPGe gamma spectrometric system. Portable devices Rados RDS200, Berthold LB122, Tesla NB3201. Neutron detectors He3, B10, U235. Pulse and the current system for neutron detection (EMK310 TEMA, TEMA LCM310) Hawlet Packard digital oscilloscope, current source Keithley 2435A, Keithley 6517 electrometer

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