German 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
104YC2N Z,ZK 2 2C Czech
Grading of the course requires grading of the following courses:
German 1 (104YCN1)
Garant předmětu:
Svatava Boboková-Bartíková
Svatava Boboková-Bartíková
Department of Languages

The compulsory course - German Language for Civil Engineering is aimed at practising professional vocabulary within the scope of the construction industry, understanding professional texts, and learning the necessary presentation skills in order to present all relevant professional issues. The end-of-course requirement is a credit.


A.Hanáková, J.Dressel: Deutsch im Bauwesen


credit from course 104YCN1

Syllabus of lectures:

This course is not a lecture but practical session:

Course code: 104YC2N

Duration: 2 hours / 1 semester

For more information see Outline and Syllabus of Exercises

Syllabus of tutorials:

Week 1: Revision of work done last semester, dependent infinitive (noun and adjective);

Week 2: Der Baubetrieb, professional vocabulary, dependent infinitive (verb + sein and haben);

Week 3: Presentations, revision of grammatical features;

Week 4: Conversation, nominal content clauses (subject main clause) and purpose sentences with the conjunction „to“; translation of professional texts;

Week 5: Die Grundstückserschließung und die Haustechnik;

Week 6: Passive voice, presentations;

Week 7: The use of the infinitive in passive voice, presentations;

Week 8: Use of passive voice in professional texts, temporal subordinate clauses;

Week 9: Der wisssenschaftlich - technische Fortschritt im Bauwesen, plusquamperfektum;

Week 10: The conditional, translation of professional texts, presentations;

Week 11: Presentations, work with professional texts;

Week 12: Revision;

Week 13: Credit test.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to prepare students for basic communication within the civil engineering sector; to consolidate all the necessary grammar and other language skills in the German language from a B1+ level upward; to promote students' ability to use the acquired knowledge in practice both professionally as well as academically.

Study materials:

Hanáková, J. Dressel: Deutsch im Bauwesen, nakl. ČVUT v Praze, 2013

Further information:
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