Analog Integrated Circuit Design

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Department of Microelectronics

Chips are almost everywhere in our daily lives and become the most important strategic products in most of the countries. The main focus of the course is to help students get broad understanding about analog IC design, development and applications. The lectures and exercises are arranged for students to gather good design and layout skills to join semiconductor industry. The students will be able to have their designed chips fabricated through the help of Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute (TSRI).

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to semiconductor industry

2. Introduction to integrated circuits – digital, analog and mix-mode IC design

3. Integrated circuit manufacturing and layout

4. Temperature sensor

5. Data Converter Background

6. Voltage division digital-to-analog converters

7. Charge sharing/distribution digital-to-analog converters

8. Current steering digital-to-analog converters

9. Series analog-to-digital converters

10. Parallel analog-to-digital converters

11. Series-Parallel analog-to-digital converters

12. Sigma-Delta analog-to-digital converters

13. Time-Domain analog-to-digital converters

14. Analog-to-digital converter testing

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Cadence Environment, Schematic, SPECTRE Simulator, Result Exports (PC Cadence)

2. Pulse-shrinking cyclic delay line - Technology Parameters Optimization (PC Cadence)

3. Digital ripple counter - Technology Parameters Optimization (PC Cadence)

4. Pulse-shrinking-based temperature sensor – Layout and Post-simulation (PC Cadence)

5. Single Stage Amplifier- Technology Parameters Optimization (PC Cadence)

6. Two Stage Amplifier - Layout and Post-simulation (PC Cadence)

7. Quantization Error, Clock Jitter, Thermal Noise, Signal-to-Noise Ratio – Parameter Calculation (PC Matlab)

8. 8-bit capacitor array digital-to-analog converter - Technology Parameters Optimization (PC Cadence)

9. 8-bit capacitor array digital-to-analog converter - Layout and Post-simulation (PC Cadence)

10. Comparator - Technology Parameters Optimization, Layout and post-simulation (PC Cadence)

11. Track and Hold Bootstrapped Switch - Technology Parameters Optimization, layout and post-simulation (PC Cadence)

12. 8-bit Analog-to-Digital converter - Technology Parameters Optimization, Simulation (PC Cadence)

13. 8-bit Analog-to-Digital converter - Layout and Post-simulation (PC Cadence)

14. IC Measurement – (Lab)

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