Practical course in optical spectroscopy of solids

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11POSPL KZ 4 0P+52C
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Kateřina Aubrechtová Dragounová
Kateřina Aubrechtová Dragounová, Zdeněk Potůček
Kateřina Aubrechtová Dragounová, Zdeněk Potůček
Department of Solid State Engineering

The practical course gives an overview of experimental methods used in optical spectroscopy for the study of photoluminescence, optical absorption and Raman scattering of solids. Attention is particularly paid to the description of block arrangement of experimental set-ups and methods for measurement of chosen characteristics of optical properties of solids, to the physical quantities used and to the techniques of processing, graphical representation, and interpretation of measured data. The general approaches described are illustrated in practice through measurements on model samples performed by students on appropriate equipment in the laboratory.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Instrumentation in optical spectroscopy - monochromators, detectors, light sources

2. Calibration of the monochromator scale using a spectral lamp

3. Calibration of the detector to the spectral dependence of its response sensitivity

4. Investigation of the spectral dependence of optical absorption

5. Measurement of photoluminescence emission spectra

6. Measurement of photoluminescence excitation spectra

7. Measurement of photoluminescence decay curves

8. Measurement of time-resolved photoluminescence emission spectra

9. Determination of the photoluminescence quantum yield

10. Determination of the chromatic coordinates of sample photoluminescence

11. Measurement of Raman scattering spectra

12. Investigation of the phonon spectrum of crystalline substances by means of emission bands of impurity ions photoluminescence corresponding to radiative transitions characterized by weak electron-phonon coupling

13. Determination of the phase transition temperature in a crystal based on temperature changes in impurity ions photoluminescence parameters

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Key references:

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[2] N. Tkachenko: Optical Spectroscopy: Methods and Instrumentations, Amsterdam, Elsevier Science 2006.

[3] J. R. Ferraro, K. Nakamoto, Ch. W. Brown: Introductory Raman Spectroscopy, New York, Academic Press 2003.

Recommended references:

[4] B. Henderson, G. F. Imbusch: Optical Spectroscopy of Inorganic Solids, Oxford, Clarendon Press 1989.

[5] G. Blasse, B. C. Grabmaier: Luminescent Materials, Berlin, Springer – Verlag 1994.

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