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124XTEC KZ 2 2P+1C English
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Malila Noori
Malila Noori
Malila Noori
Department of Architectural Engineering

Project documentation - purpose and types of building designs requirements, particularity and technical drawing of geometrical projection in three dimension space.

Principles of technical drawing of building's units plans, vertical sections, vertical and horizontal structures, foundation, excavation, views and situation of building structures.


Basic knowledge of technical drawing symbols in drawins in accordance with ISO, EU and Czech standards, the principles of desing from geometrical projection.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Principles of displaying 3D objects, layout of the drawing on the drawing, description field, scale, drawing orientation, formats.

2.Laying out internal load-bearing walls and partitions walls. Technical drawing of windows and door structures.

3.Staircase in the floor plan, creating a kitchen, bathroom and toilet. In the floor plan, the principle of placing the legend of rooms and materials.

4.Vertical section: vertical supporting structures, partitions, ceiling structures, floors.

5. Technical drawing of foundations, (requirements, design principles).

6.Vertical section: vertical load-bearing structures, partitions, ceiling structures, floors, roof, dimensions, material legend (requirements, design principles)

7.Principle of drawing of concrete structures. Shape drawing of ceiling structure - vertical supporting structures, openings, lintels, ceiling structures, list of elements (requirements, design principles)

8.Principle of drawing of the composition of the ceiling - openings, lintels, ceiling structure, list of elements (requirements, design principles)

9.Principle of drawing Technical situation of building, connection of technical maps, legend, description (requirements, design, principles).

10.Principle of drawing of technical views of building, legend, description (requirements, design principles).


12.Consultation discus and presentation of task

13.Consultation and credit

Syllabus of tutorials:

EVEN weeks

1. Practical layout of the drawing on the drawing, description field, scale, orientation of the drawings, formats. Technical drawing type of lines, hatching and dimensioning of drawing descriptions of tables. Plotting the perimeter walls in the floor plan. The text part of the technical documentation. Layout of internal load-bearing walls and partitions, drawing of windows and doors in perimeter walls and their dimensioning. Drawing openings - chimney, ventilation vent, niches. Homework number 1: Floor Plan (1:50).

2. layout of the drawing on the drawing, description field, scale. Creating a kitchen and bathroom, adding tiles and furnishings. Creating legend of rooms and legend of materials. Plotting the vertical load-bearing walls in the floor plan, drawing windows and doors in the perimeter walls and their dimensioning. Marking the position of the vertical section. Drawing Vertical and horizontal supporting structures, ceiling structures, lintels and floors. Drawing no. 1 and 2: floor plan and section of a family house (1:50).

3. Drawing the staircase. Marking the position of the vertical section in the floor plan. Drawing of supporting structures in vertical section, marking of windows and doors, lintels, drawing of stairs. Drawing foundations, modified and original terrain.

4. Drawing of concrete structures. Shape drawing: vertical supporting structures, openings, lintels, ceiling structure, list of elements. Drawing of the composition: drawing of the ceiling structure, openings, lintels, ceiling structure, list of elements of lintels and reinforced concrete elements, dimensioning and hatching of the drawing. Creation of legend of materials. Creation of folded sections of ceiling structure. Drawing no. 3, 4: drawing of the shape of steel concreate and composition with folded sections of family house (1:50).

5. Consulting and checking the completion of all drawings

6. Drawing Technical situation of the object: connection of technical networks, legend, description (requirements, design principles). Drawing Technical view of the building: legend, description. Drawing no. 5 and 6: drawing of the situation and view of the family house (1:50).

7. Consultation - reserve

Study Objective:

The student be able to know to application of basic concept of building structural design from complex point of viwe introduction of project documentation creation.

Study materials:

1. Barry R.: The Construction of Building, Volume 1, Oxford BSP, 1991

2. Barritt C. M. H.: Advanced Building Construction, Vols. 1 - 4, Longman, 1988 - 1991

3. Gattermayerova: Lectures Syllabus on web K124

4. Noori: Lectures Syllabus on web K124

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