Principles of Building Fire Safety

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124YPBS ZK 2 1P+1C Czech
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Vladimír Mózer
Vladimír Mózer
Vladimír Mózer
Department of Architectural Engineering

The course is focused on the presentation and acquisition of the most important concepts and principles of fire safety in buildings. Attention is paid to all the main components of fire safety design that are important for the protection of life and health, property, the environment and other assets. The course is intended for students of non-fire disciplines and should enable them to take into account aspects of fire safety from the initial stages of project preparation of buildings.


Lectures are not compulsory. Attendance at practice classes is mandatory - the number of permitted absences at practice classes is 4 (2 blocks of exercises - 2 hours each).

In order to be admitted for exam, it is necessary to submit all assigned tasks in the exercises, see the schedule of exercises - a total of 6 tasks (completion of tasks is required in case of absence).

The final grade is made up of 50% of the assessment of the tasks completed during the semester and 50% of the exam from the theoretical part of the course - the lectured material.

Syllabus of lectures:

1 Lecture topic = 2-hour block (odd week)

1. Introduction to building fire safety and characteristics of buildings from fire safety perspective (Week 1)

2. Fire, materials and construction and their classification from fire safety perspective (Week 3)

3. Evacuation and escape routes (Week 5)

4. Building services, Separation distances (Week 7)

5. Fire safety equipment, access and equipment fire fighters (Week 9)

6. Specific types of premises – garages, medical facilities, assembly areas, high-rise buildings, atria and open spatial planning, historic buildings and reconstruction (Week 11)

7. Reserve (Week 13)

Syllabus of tutorials:

1 practice class = 2-hour block (even week)

1. Determination of important parameters for the categorization of the building from fire safety perspective – type of use of premises, characteristics of people, height of the building, etc., expected division of the building into fire compartments

2. Assessment of the material and structural design of the building - the effect of the materials and structures used on the possibility of fire spread through the interior and exterior of the building, classification of structures

3. Identification and assessment of the independence of escape routes, general evaluation of evacuation possibilities from the assessed building

4. Assessment of the building services (shafts, penetrations, etc.), assessment of the influence of the facade and exterior claddings on the separation distance

5. Assessment of the basic requirements for fire protection systems, evaluation of access roads, hard-standing areas and emergency routes based on the parameters of the building

6. Conceptual assessment of basic fire safety requirements for selected specific type of building or premises use

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with the fundamental principles of building fire safety design, legislation, the spread of fire, behavior of common materials in fire and their protection, evacuation of people, determination of separation distances, specific requirements for high-rise buildings, assembly areas, medical facilities and other premises. In addition to acquiring theoretical knowledge in these areas, students will also gain practical experience with the implementation of these fundamental principles and requirements into project documentation, which will then enable more optimal and economical building design.

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