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Processing of Remote Sensing Data

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155YZPZ Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
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Department of Geomatics

Digital image data processing collected mainly by satellite apparatuses. Practical methods of image data processing, their interpretation and classification. Individual themes depend on goals and themes of individual diploma thesis.

1. The Diploma Thesis (DT) topic analysis

2. Suitable source material selection

3. Geometric corrections of the processed data and their accuracy

4. Radiometric corrections of the processed data

5. Enhancement of individual bands

6. Multi-channel enhancement for DT - new channels calculation

7. Calculation of new channels by transformation to other systems - IHS, PCA, PCCA,

8. Classification pixel per pixel focused on DT goal

9. Image segmentation with various number of channels

10. Object oriented classification

11. Comparison of results - total, user's, producer's accuracy

12. Post-classification procedures to improve accuracy

13. Outputs - statistical, image, GIS types


155UZPD Introduction to the spatial data processing

155DPRZ Remote Sensing

Syllabus of lectures:

The subject is formed by individual steps according to the processing of the diploma thesis topic and goals processing.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Exercises of the subject is formed by individual steps according to the processing of the diploma thesis topic and goals processing.

Study Objective:

Propose and process individual steps of the diploma thesis solution

Study materials:

!Halounová L., Pavelka K.: Remote Sensing (in Czech). CTU in Prague, 2007. ISBN: 80-01-03124-1

!Halounová, L.: Zpracování obrazových dat, (in Czech). CTU in Prague, 2008. ISBN: 978-80-01-04253-3

?Dobrovolný, P.: Dálkový průzkum Země. Brno 1998. ISBN: 80-210-1812-7

?Lillesand, T.M., Kiefer, R.W., Chipman, J.W.: Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, 7th Ed., Wiley, 2007. ISBN: 978-1-118-34328-9

?Canty, M.J.: Image Analysis, Clasification and Change Detection in Remote Sensing. CRC Taylot& Francis. 2007. ISBN: 0-8493-7251-8

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