Security Threats in Modern World

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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The subject objective is to introduce to students actual security threats in the context of European Union and global security. Special attention will be paid to security aspects of migration, triggers and factors influencing radicalization in the society, terrorism forms and recent cases of extreme violence. Further the subject reflects the cases related to organised crime, trafficking in human being, drug trafficking and new trends in the field of cybercrime. Besides there will be reflected methods and procedures of international police cooperation together with measures of European Union related to ensuring internal security.


Forma ověření studijních výsledků: zápočtový test; v případě, že student nedosáhne požadovaného bodového hodnocení, ověření znalostí ústně.

Požadavky na studenta: samostudium zadaných témat.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. týden Internal security of European Union (actual security threats).

2. týden Radicalization, terrorism and organised crime.

3. týden Security threats in cyberspace.

4. týden International police cooperation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

There is no exercise.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Povinná literatura:

•CHENOWETH, Erica, Richard ENGLISH, Andreas GOFAS a Stathis N. KALYVAS, ed. The Oxford handbook of terrorism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019. Oxford handbooks. ISBN 978-0-19-873291-4.

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•KREMLING, Janine a Amanda M. Sharp PARKER. Cyberspace, cybersecurity, and cybercrime. Los Angeles: London, [2018]. ISBN 978-1-5063-4725-7.

Doporučená literatura:

•DINGLEY, James a Marcello MOLLICA, ed. Understanding religious violence: radicalism and terrorism in religion explored via six case studies. Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, [2018]. ISBN 978-3-030-00283-1.

•PÍTROVÁ, Lenka, Jana PLAŇAVOVÁ-LATANOWICZ, Nataša CHMELÍČKOVÁ, Magdaléna SVOBODOVÁ, Harald Christian SCHEU a Daniel BURDA. Common European asylum system in a changing world: (introduction) : textbook for the Prague Summer School on Migration and Asylum Law. Praha: Charles University, 2020. ISBN 978-80-7630-003-3.

•CAMPBELL, Liz. Organised crime and the law: a comparative analysis. [1st ed.]. Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2013. ISBN 978-1-84946-122-1.

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