Spain (ERASMUS Preparatory Course)

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104XSER Z 0 2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Svatava Boboková Bartíková
Tereza Novotná
Department of Languages

The course is aimed at strengthening communicative language skills that will enable students to study in Spanish in a foreign language environment. Emphasis is placed on grammatically accurate expression, fluent oral and written expression, all with a view to successfully completing the ERASMUS+ selection process for a placement abroad.


no prerequisits

Syllabus of lectures:

This course is not a lecture but practical session:

Course code: 104XSER

Duration: 2 hours / 1 semester

For more information see Outline and Syllabus of Exercises

Syllabus of tutorials:

The Erasmus written examination for Faculty of Civil Engineering students

Test Format and Timing

The written test has four parts:

Listening (Time: approx.15 minutes)

Reading Comprehension (Time: 20 minutes)

Grammar (Time: 25 minutes)

Writing (Time: 30 minutes)

The overall duration of the written test is 90 minutes.

An additional Oral examination is administered in cases of borderline achievement and in order to confirm lower-end and top-end level results (i.e., borderline B1/B2 or C1+ levels). In such cases the students will be informed by the examiners and a committee will assess their communicative competence.

Study Objective:

Preparation for Erasmus test:

General Information

The test accents those areas of language competence that are crucial in order to be able to study abroad in Spanish. Therefore, the reading comprehension and writing sections focus on texts within the scope of general academia. Likewise, the task types emphasize skills that the students are likely to need during their studies at university abroad.

The pass rate is 50% (i.e., 10 points in the written test) which corresponds to borderline CEFR level B1/B2.

Study materials:

Various language testing papers; Specific resources

Further information:
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