Corrosion - and creep-resistant materials

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E322056 KZ 4 2P+1C+0L English
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Department of Materials Engineering

Principles and mechanisms of corrosion, types of corrosion attacks. Heat-resistant materials, steels resistant against atmospheric corrosion. Martensitic, ferritic, austenitic and duplex corrosion-resistant steels, nickel and cobalt alloys, their development and use. Nonmetallic corrosion-resistant materials, corrosion resistance tests. Principles and mechanisms of creep resistance, characteristics of creep-resistant materials

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Principle and mechanisms of corrosion, corrosion in non-conductive environments

2. Creep-resistant materials

3. Corrosion in electrically conductive environments, polarization curves, types of corrosion attack

4.Atmospheric corrosion, steels with resistance to atmospheric corrosion

5.Chromium martensitic and supermartensitic steels, ferritic and superferritic steels,

6. Austenitic and superaustenitic steels

7.Duplex corrosion resistant steels, martensitic-austenitic and SAF, new types of corrosion resistant steels

8.Alloys of nickel, cobalt and Ti, their use, non-metallic corrosion-resistant materials

9. Corrosion resistance tests

10. Properties of materials used in power industry. Creep resistance, brittle fracture, corrosion and radiation resistance, wear.

11. Blade and rotor materials of steam turbines. Steels for turbogenerator components. Boiler materials, superheater pipes and steam lines.

12. Materials for water turbine components.

13.Materials for selected components of nuclear power plants - fuel cells, pressure vessel, primary pipelines, steam generators, circulation pumps, secondary pipelines, spent fuel containers.

14.Metalicl and non-metallic materials of wind turbines.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Creep resistance of ferritic and austenitic steels

2.Kinetics of atmospheric corrosion, life-time evaluation

3.Calculation of mechanical-corrosion strength

4.Application of Schaffler diagram

5.Lifetime of creep-resistant materials, LM parameter

6.Final test

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Study materials:

[1] BRUMOVSKY, M. Materials used for the design and contruction of WWER comonents, INR 2006

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