Terrestrial laser scanning

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154TELS Z,ZK 6 1P+3C English
Garant předmětu:
Tomáš Křemen
Tomáš Křemen
Tomáš Křemen
Department of Special Geodesy

The course is intended for students interested in 3D terrestrial laser scanning. The main topics are basic principles and theory of laser scanning systems, basic types of terrestrial and aerial laser scanners and overview of selected laser scanning systems, influences on measurement accuracy, general procedure of measurement processing (point cloud processing), practical use in surveying, architecture, construction and related fields, introduction to selected software for point cloud processing, economic benefits.


no prerequisities

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Theory of operation of terrestrial scanning systems. Physical principles of scanning systems. Safety of work

2. Measurement procedure and processing of measured data

3. Digital Terrain Model. Delaunay triangulation, SLAM

4. Overview of terrestrial scanning systems

5. Airborne Laser Scanning

6. Application of terrestrial systems. Economic benefits

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Scanning a suitable object in the surrounding area of the school

2. Introduction to laser scanning data processing software RealWorks – registration of acquired data of the object

3. Introduction to laser scanning data processing software Geomagic Wrap -Modelling of the object

4. Determination of the volume (software Geomagic Wrap, CloudCompare)

5. Processing of the point cloud – filtering, advanced resampling (software Geomagic Wrap, CloudCompare)

6. Project – creation of the 3D CAD model from point cloud

Study Objective:

Ability to use the new technology of contact-less mass collection of 3D data.

Study materials:

[1] Shan, J. – Toth, Ch. K.: Topographic Laser Ranging and Scanning: Principles and Processing. 1st Edition. CRC Press, 2017, ISBN 9781315219561.

[2] Vosselman, G. – Mass, H. G.: Airborn and Terrestrial Laser Scanning. Dunbeath: Whittles Publishing, 2010, pp. 318, ISBN 978-1904445-87-6.

[3] Heritage, G. – Large, A.: Laser Scanning for the Environmental Sciences. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009, ISBN 978-1-405-15717-9.

[4] Reshetyuk, Y.: Terrestrial laser scanning: Error sources, self-calibration and direct georeferencing. Saarbrucken, Tyskland : VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, 2009, ISBN 9783639175509.

[5] Kašpar, M. – Pospíšil, J. – Štroner, M. – Křemen, T. – Tejkal, M.: Laser Scanning in Engineering and Land Surveying. Vega, Hradec Králové, 2005, ISBN 80-900860-7-1

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