Aircraft Propulsion

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Department of Measurement

This course gives basic knowledge of the aircraft propulsion theory, thermal cycles of aircraft powerplants and basics of aero- and thermodynamics of aircraft powerplants components. The influence of design parameters on propulsion system efficiency, specific fuel consumption and thrust is analyzed for the given flight velocity. Design layouts of the aerospace propulsion units are introduced and function of their components is described. The focus is given on the comparison of various systems and the choose of the appropriate one. Enviromental aspects are mentioned together with the common and alternative fuels and energy sources.


Basic knowledge of physics, especially mechanics, thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Historical overview, forces acting on an aircraft, thrust, power, efficiency

2. Propulsion systems, their thrust and power

3. Propeller, basic aerodynamics, thrust, power, efficiency and dimensionless parameters

4. Applied thermodynamics and aerodynamics

5. Aircraft piston engines

6. Turbine engines

7. Basics of the turbomachinery aerodynamics

8. Axial and radial compressors

9. Turbines for aircraft powerplants

10. Intake ducts and nozzles

11. Combustion chambers

12. Turbojet, turbofan and turboprop engines

13. Dependence of powerplant characteristics on the flight velocity and altitute

14. Noise and enviromental issues of aircraft powerplants

Syllabus of tutorials:

Excercises are focused on the practising of computational methods which were explained during lectures. Basic methods are used to determine thrust, power and efficiency for aircraft powerplants and propellers. Advantages and disadvantages of various propulsion systems are analyzed and compared. Results are discussed in order to obtain theoretical background for choosing of the appropriate propulsion system for given aircraft.

Study Objective:

The goal of study is the description of the enegetical transformation in aerospace propulsion systems and their properties.

Study materials:

Farokhi S.: Aircraft Propulsion, Wiley, 2014, ISBN 978-1-118-80677-7

Adamec J., Kocáb J.: Letadlové motory, Corona, 2008, ISBN 978-80-86116-54-9

Hanus D.: Pohon letadel, Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2008, ISBN 978-80-01-04104-8

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