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02PINCE ZK 2 2P+0C
Garant předmětu:
Jiří Limpouch
Daniel Klír, Pavel Kubeš, Jiří Limpouch
Department of Physics

This subject is focused on physics and technology of magnetic pinches which represent the most efficient way how to generate high-energy density plasmas (>100 kJ/cm3). The lectures will introduce students into the basic theory, contemporary research topics, and applications of magnetic pinches. One of the objectives of the subject is to demonstrate that the pinch effect naturally occurs in laboratory and space plasmas and has an impact on many applications. The subject “Magnetic pinches”, therefore, contributes to a better understanding of fundamental processes in plasmas.


Knowledge of basic course of physics

02TEF1,2 Theoretical physics 1,2

Syllabus of lectures:

1. The past and present of magnetic pinches, basic configurations and principles.

2. Important applications: z-pinch as the most powerful laboratory x-ray source, etc.

3. Modern pulsed-power technology, Marx generator, pulse-forming lines, magnetic insulation

4. Contemporary research topics: laboratory astrophysics, energetic particle production, nuclear fusion

5. Physic of magnetic pinches I: equilibrium pinch (Bennett pinch, energy balance, radiative collapse)

6. Physic of magnetic pinches II: dynamic pinch, magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor instability ans other related phenomena

7. Mechanisms of x-ray production

8. Ion and electron acceleration mechanism

9. Generation and detection of fast neutrons

10. Z-pinch in nuclear fusion research

11. Magnetohydrodynamics, frozen magnetic field, dissipation of magnetic field, magnetic energy and tension

12. Magneto-hydrostatics, force-free configurations, self-organization of magnetic field (magnetic dynamo, alpha effect,

turbulence, non-ideal plasma, ball lightning

13. Z-pinch research in the USA, the European Union, Russia, China, and the Czech Republic

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:


students will be acquaint with the discharge principle of the generation of the plasma with the high energy density in which the neutrons are produced


application of the above mentioned knowledge

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] M. Haines, A review of the dense Z-pinch, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion vol. 53, 2011, art. no. 093001.

[2] Ryutov, Derzon, Matzen: The Physics of Fast Pinces, Review of Modern Physics, Vol 72, 2000, pp. 167 - 221.

Recommended references:

[3] M.A. Liberman et al, Physics of High_Density Plasmas, Springer1998

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