Special Concretes

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210YSB Z 2 2P Czech
Garant předmětu:
Pavel Reiterman
Vendula Davidová, Pavel Reiterman
Vendula Davidová, Pavel Reiterman
Experimental Centre

This course is aimed at expanding knowledge in the field of special concretes and composites for specific applications. The core of the course is to acquaint students with both the technological aspects of the production, testing and use of special concretes, as well as the applicable legislative framework for individual types of special concretes. Specific practical applications and experiences are also presented within the course.


The content of this course requires the knowledge acquired in the courses of Construction materials.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to special concretes

2. Self-compacting concretes

3. Lightweight concretes and composites

4. High-quality concrete, ultra-high-quality concrete

5. Fiber concrete

6. Heavyweight concretes

7. Fire resistant concrete

8. Road and sprayed concrete

9. Waterproof concrete

10. Concrete using recycled materials

11. Architectural concrete

12. Vibrated concrete

13. Non-cement concrete and composites

Syllabus of tutorials:

There are not scheduled any exercises.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to emphasize the specifics of non-traditional composite materials that can be encountered during their practical application, especially from the point of view of technology and testing. At the same time, current trends in the field of concrete technology aimed at reducing the negative effects of concrete production on the environment will be presented.

Study materials:

!M. Collepardi, Moderní beton, Informační centrum ČKAIT, Praha, 2008, ISBN: 978-80-87093-75-7

!Kolektiv autorů, Samozhutnitelný beton, 2008, ČBS Servis, ISBN 978-80-87158-12-8

!P.K. Mehta, P.J.M. Monteiro, Concrete: Microstructure, Properties, and Materials, Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill Education, 2014, ISBN: 9780071797870

?P. Claisse, Transport properties of concrete - 1st edition, Woodhead Publishing, London, 2014, UK, ISBN: 9781782423065

?F. Pacheco-Torgal, S. Jalali, J. Labrincha, V.M. John, Eco-Efficient Concrete, Woodhead Publishing, London, 2014, UK, ISBN 978-0-85709-424-7

?M. Alexander, Marine Concrete Structures - 1st Edition, Woodhead Publishing, London, 2016, UK, ISBN: 9780081000847

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