Multiscale Description of Cementitious Composites

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Department of Mechanics

Cement composites (mortars, concretes) form the basis of today's civilization and construction industry. The properties of these composites can be changed in a wide range according to the required properties. The subject presents a multi-scale description of these cement composites, from the atomic scale to the structural scale. It includes an overview of selected experimental methods used to identify elasticity, viscoelasticity, strength, heat of hydration, or chemical composition. Analytical and numerical methods are introduced in the course. The subject is supplemented with a whole range of engineering applications on which these methods have been successfully used: designs and optimization of massive concrete structures, special durable structures, shotcrete, alkali-activated fly ash and fiber-reinforced composites. In the practical section, students will visit the laboratory of electron microscopy, nanoindentation, try out the measurement of temperatures during hydration and the use of finite element software OOFEM to calculate temperatures on massive concrete structures.


Basic knowledge of inorganic chemistry and continuum mechanics.

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According to the content of the subject.

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According to the content of the subject.

Study Objective:

The aim is to understand the behavior of cementitious materials on the lower scales that determine the macro-scale properties. A whole range of experimental, analytical and numerical methods can be used for this.

Study materials:

A. M. Neville: Properties of Concrete, Pearson India, 5th Ed., ISBN 978-8131791073, 2012

K. Scrivener, R. Snellings, B. Lothenbach (Eds.): A Practical Guide to Microstructural Analysis of Cementitious Materials, ISBN 978-1138747234, CRC Press, 2017

Z.P.Bažant, M.Jirásek: Inelastic Analysis of Structures, Wiley, 978-0471987161, 2001

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