Measurement of Daylighting

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124MDO Z 2 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Jaroslav Vychytil
Jaroslav Vychytil
Jaroslav Vychytil
Department of Architectural Engineering

The course expands the knowledge of daylighting obtained mainly in the compulsory subjects 124SF1, 124SF01 and 124SFA1 and in the optional subject 124XSFO. Students will become familiar with the principles and necessary conditions for measuring daylight and light-technical properties of selected building elements. Specifically, this is the measurement of illuminance in a network of control points, on a horizontal, inclined and vertical plane, measurement of the light reflection factor, pollution of the lighting hole and the like. Students can later use this knowledge in the design of the structure in terms of its reflective properties, the size of the lighting holes, the direction of the light flow, color and the like.


Completed bachelor's course “Stavební fyzika”.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the subject, familiarization with the conditions for granting credit, definition of the areas of construction physics.

2. Determining the position of the Sun relative to the observer, insolation and insolation - definitions, differences in terms, requirements. Determining the position of the sun in the sky.

3. Daylighting - definition, requirements, methods of calculation, measurement of daylighting, boundary conditions, properties of the sky, instrumentation.

4. Determining the uncertainty of measured values, the importance of the accuracy of measuring devices and other influences.

5. Light transmission of transparent vs. glazing of the lighting opening with translucent material, methods of determining the light transmission factor.

6. Comparison and examples of determination of light transmission in pure vs. of a dirty window depending on the amount of glass (double-glazed vs. triple-glazed). Spectral transmittance of glazing.

7. Meaning of lighting hole pollution, methods of determining the amount of lighting hole pollution.

8. Internal reflected component of the daylight factor. Possibilities of determining the light reflection factor, the use of a luxmeter and a light meter, the necessary calculation relationships.

9. Specifics of determining the light reflection factor for horizontal surfaces based on measurements.

10. Daylight factor on the vertical plane - limit values, influence of boundary conditions. The effect of the brightness of shading obstacles.

11. Evaluation of the quality of the view from the room. Parameters affecting the view.

12. Brightness ratios as one of the qualitative criteria in ensuring visual comfort.

13. Determination of the probability of the risk of possible glare from a surface light source.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Information regarding the specifics of outdoor measurements, familiarization with the rules for measurements on the roof of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.

2. Determining the position of the control points when assessing the duration of insolation, taking and using a photograph taken with a fish-eye lens when determining the duration of insolation.

3. Definition of the daytime illuminance factor, determination of the daytime illuminance factor based on measurements using two or more luxmeters.

4. Calculation of uncertainties from measured values, justification of extreme deviations. Description of influencing factors.

5. Determination of the light transmission factor through transparent glazing material in a given classroom based on measurements. Measurement of light transmittance through double-glazed and triple-glazed windows.

6. Determination of the light transmission factor through the glazing diffusion material based on measurements. Determination of the spectral transmittance of light by clear vs. colored glazing.

7. Determining the pollution factor on the outside and inside of the lighting opening using the light measuring technique.

8. Measuring the light reflectance of selected vertical surfaces in a given classroom. Determination of light reflection factor based on measured values, determination of uncertainty of results.

9. Measuring the light reflectance of selected horizontal surfaces in a given classroom. Determination of light reflection factor based on measured values, determination of uncertainty of results.

10. Measurement of illuminance on a vertical plane in the exterior, measurement of the brightness of selected facades of buildings for the subsequent determination of the brightness factor of the shading obstacle.

11. Use of a photograph taken with a fish-eye lens when evaluating the view from different positions of the users of the given classroom.

12. Measurement and evaluation of brightness ratios in the classroom at different positions of the users of the given classroom. Evaluation of brightness contrasts using a brightness analyzer, comparison with threshold contrast for good resolution of detail.

13. Final summary, awarding of credits.

Study Objective:

Understanding the issue of daylight measurement. Choice of measurement time and other boundary conditions. The ability to independently use photometric instrumentation during the measurement of selected quantities.

Study materials:

! Presentations and documents on the course website.

! VYCHYTIL, Jaroslav. Stavební světelná technika - cvičení. Praha: Nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze, 2015, 156 s. ISBN 978-80-01-05858-9.

! VYCHYTIL, Jaroslav., KAŇKA, Jan. Stavební světelná technika - přednášky. Praha: Nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze, 2016, 176 s. ISBN 978-80-01-06060-5.

? ČSN 36 0011-1 Měření osvětlení prostorů - Část 1: Základní ustanovení. Praha: ÚNMZ, únor 2014.

? ČSN 36 0011-2 Měření osvětlení prostorů - Část 2: Měření denního osvětlení. Praha: ÚNMZ, únor 2014.

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