Marketing in the Construction Industry - Project P

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126YPMP KZ 2 2C Czech
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Kateřina Eklová
Kateřina Eklová
Department of Construction Management and Economics

The course introduces students to basic concepts and techniques in the field of marketing, the links between marketing and other activities in the construction company, its role in the construction company and in society. Students should learn to find market opportunities, segment the market, evaluate market opportunities, build a simple marketing mix, i.e. know and master promotion methods, master pricing principles, correctly define the product and determine distribution channels.


Two absences are allowed. All tasks must be completed. Completed assignments will be submitted on the schedule in the Term Paper Assignment.

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Definition of marketing. Specifics of marketing in the construction industry. Construction market and its segmentation.

2. Strategic marketing management, marketing mix 4P, 7C. Analytical-research phase, SWOT analysis, measurable objectives.

3. Marketing research - types, data sources, methods of information acquisition. Target groups. Design Thinking.

4. Product, service. Context of the life cycle of a construction project. Distribution and distribution policy. Marketing channels. B2B and B2C marketing.

5. Price and pricing policy. Customer buying behaviour and specifics of the construction industry.

6. Marketing plan. The relationship of marketing to other processes in the organisation. Setting measurable objectives.

7. Branding, graphic identity.

8. Websites, applications. UX, CX.

9. Social networks, advertising on networks. Personal brand on social networks.

10. Direct marketing. Newsletters. CRM and marketing automation.

11. PR and communication - print and online media, advertising, PR.

12. Partnership cooperation. Personal selling, networking. Print advertising - leaflets, billboards, posters.

13. Innovative marketing: guerrilla marketing, on-site installation, art, community, CSR and more.

Study Objective:

The ability to apply the use of information resources and information systems for managerial decision-making and marketing activities.

Study materials:

[1] PLESKAČ, J. a SOUKUP, L. Marketing ve stavebnictví. Praha: Grada, 2001. ISBN 80-247-0052-2

[2] VÁŇA, R. Marketing a PR v architektuře. Praha: Idealab, 2023. ISBN 978-80-908740-3-9

[3] LOSEKOOT, M. a VYHNÁNKOVA E. Jak na sítě. Jan Melvil, 2019. ISBN 978-80-7555-084-2

[4] KOTLER, P. a KELLER, K. L. Marketing management. 14. vyd. Praha: Grada, 2013. ISBN 978-80-247-4150-5

[5] COOPER, J. a LANE, P. Marketingové plánování – Praktická příručka manažera. Grada, 1999. ISBN 80-7169-641-2

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