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F7PMFNER KZ 2 1P English
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Crucial role in regeneration from various diseases of CNS including trauma (brain and spinal cord injuries) is maintained by neuroplasticity – ability of certain CNS neurones to gain control of lost function. In Neurorehabilitation, both theoretical and clinical knowledge of influencing CNS and peripheral nerve regeneration and thus efficacy of rehabilitation process will be discussed thoroughly.


Oral exam

Syllabus of lectures:

Themes for oral presentations:

1st to 2nd week Functional assessment in neurorehabilitation. Physiology and pathophysiology aspects of various CNS pathways related to locomotion and upper CNS function.

3rd to 4th week Examination of central palsies of upper and lower limb, extrapyramidal and cerebellar syndromes, vestibular and gait control.

5th to 6th week Principles of physiotherapy and ergo therapy alliance in neurorehabilitation.

7th to 8th week Guided self-rehabilitation contract in treatment of central palsies.

9th to 10th week Static and dynamic splinting in neurorehabilitation, possibilities of physical therapy and interventions in various CNS disorders.

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

Neurorehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach in rehabilitation medicine, which is based on tight connection between various functions of musculoskeletal system, speech, sensory and motor, which are highly influenced and controlled by superior central nervous system (CNS) mechanisms.

Study materials:

Povinná literatura:

•BARRETT, A.M., Neurorehabilitation: Five new things. Neurol Clin Pract. 2013 Dec; 3(6): 484–492.

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•ŘÍHA, M., DVOŘÁKOVÁ, P. Léčba fokální spastické parézy po získaném poškození mozku – zkušenosti z rehabilitačního pracoviště. Rehabilitace a fyzikální lékařství. 2015, 22(3):140-143. ISSN 1211-2658.

Doporučená literatura:

•ŘÍHA, M., DVOŘÁKOVÁ, P. Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) – metoda hodnocení efektu terapie u pacientů s fokální spastickou parézou. Rehabilitace a fyzikální lékařství. 2015, 22(3):144-147. ISSN 1211-2658.

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