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Hydraulics and modelling of watercoures

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141XHMT Z 1 2C Czech
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Petr Sklenář
Petr Sklenář
Department of Hydraulics and Hydrology

The course is implemented as a combination of measurement and observation of hydraulic and transport phenomena and morphological response in a laboratory demonstration model of the alluvial bed. The results of observations and measurements are also interpreted using computational simulation models of flow in open channels. The student independently participates in the implementation and evaluation of experiments under the guidance of teachers and laboratory staff.


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Syllabus of lectures:

An individual experiment will be undertaken by a student in the demonstration flume facility in the laboratory. A student will get familiarized with measurement techniques, methods of documentation, and data analysis. At the final stage, a student will analyze obtained data and will elaborate on the results and findings. A student is encouraged to use the results of experimental work as a basis in his/her bachelor's or diploma project.

Syllabus of tutorials:

According to the current specification.

Study Objective:

Through lab experiments, a student will get familiarized with the extent and intensity of fluvial processes in alluvial riverbeds. He will understand the importance of the term „river pattern“ and its application in the design of nature-friendly modifications of watercourses or in the implementation of intervention measures leading to the process of „renaturalization“ of the previously heavily engineered channels. The student will also acquire practical knowledge in process of design and implementation of protective measures in riverbeds. Last but not least, the student will form his/her own critical view of the pros and cons in the stage of mathematical and experimental modelling in watercourses and will be able to interpret the obtained outputs to the real conditions.

Study materials:




P. Novak et all.Hydraulic Modelling: An Introduction: Principles, Methods and Applications,Spon Press, 2010

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