Concrete and Masonry Structures

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133BZKZ Z,ZK 5 2P+2C Czech
The course 133BZKZ can be graded only after the course 133NNKB has been successfully completed.
Garant předmětu:
Michaela Frantová
Petr Bílý, Michaela Frantová
Petr Bílý, Michaela Frantová, Jiří Kovář
Department of Concrete and Masonry Structures

The course lectures is focused on the design of one-way and two-way slabs, staircases, reinforcing walls, foundations, precast structures, halls and prestressed concrete. The course also covers masonry construction and an introduction to the design of civil engineering structures and bridges.

The content of the practicum is the application of the knowledge and skills on the real structures.


Handing in work in the form of a presentation at predetermined dates and scope (see Moodle).

Ongoing consultation of tasks.

Required participation in exercises, maximum of three excused absences.

Passing the exam with a minimum of 51% score.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Design of concrete structures. Types of concrete, concrete specifications.

2. Design of reinforced concrete slabs. One-way and two-way slabs.

3. Flat slabs. Punching.

4. Serviceability limit states - cracks, deformations (deflections). Concrete under short and long term loading. Shrinkage and creep, effective modulus of elasticity.

5. Masonry structures - principles of design and execution, terminology.

6. Multi-storey buildings - structural systems and arrangement of structural members. Stiffening of multi-storey buildings - stiffening elements.

7. Reinforced concrete staircases - principle of design, influence of execution technology and acoustic requirements on the design.

8. Precast and bonded precast concrete structures - design and design situations, implementation.

9. Special concretes - fibre concretes, UHPC, sustainable development, recycling.

10. Foundations, retaining and basement structures.

11. Engineering structures.

12. Principle of prestressed concrete design - basic terminology.

13. Introduction to bridge design - basic terminology.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Process and assignment of the course - rules for submission. Repeating the basics of designing.

2. Consultation of assignments for seminar projects.

3. Agreement of the task 1 - Building construction.

4 Structural scheme of the selected building.

5. Presentation 1a - Structural scheme of the building with material specification of the supporting elements.

6. Design of reinforcement in the selected part of the slab.

7. Presentation 1b - Structural analysis of the slab and design of reinforcement in the selected part.

8. Agreement of the task 3 - Civil engineering structure.

9. Staircase and structural scheme.

10. Presentation 1c - Staircase design of the building with emphasis on the structural scheme, construction procedure and reinforcement design.

11. Pad footing – variant design of plain concrete footing and reinforced concrete footing.

12. Presentation of task 2 - Pad footing. Structural design of the selected civil engineering structure.

13. Presentation of task 3 - Civil Engineering Structure. + discussion.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to increase students' knowledge in the field of design of concrete and masonry structures as a whole in relation to the previous course with regard to the focus of the specialization.

Study materials:

!Kohoutková, A., Procházka, J., Vašková, J.: Navrhování železobetonových konstrukcí. Příklady a postupy. Česká technika - nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze, 2014. 978-80-01-05587-8.

!Hanzlová, H., Šmejkal, J.: Betonové a zděné konstrukce 1. Základy navrhování konstrukcí. Česká technika - nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze 2013. 978-80-01-05323-2.

?Procházka, J., Šmejkal, J.: Betonové stropní a schodišťové konstrukce. Česká technika - nakladatelství ČVUT, 2017. 978-80-01-06323-1

?Procházka, J., Šmejkal, J.: Betonové základové a opěrné konstrukce. Česká technika - nakladatelství ČVUT v Praze, 2017. 978-80-01-06128-2.

?Collepardi M., Collepardi S., Troli R.: Concrete Mix Design. Grafiche Tintoretto, 2007. ISBN: 88-901469-8-2

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