Sensors and Measurement

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BE3B38SME1 Z,ZK 6 3P+2L English
Garant předmětu:
Pavel Ripka
Vojtěch Petrucha, Pavel Ripka
Vojtěch Petrucha
Department of Measurement

1. Sampling, D / A and A / D converters, digital oscilloscope

2. Measurement of voltage and current (digital voltmeter and multimeter, analog measuring instruments) measurement of frequency and phase difference, error and uncertainty, Measurement of effective value, power and energy consumption

3. Resistance measurement, resistance temperature and deformation sensors. Low voltage measurement, thermocouple temperature measurement

4. Magnetic sensors, magnetic measurements, voltage and current transformer Sensors el. Proudu. Impedance measurement

5 Capacitive and inductive sensors Measurement of linear and angular position - magnetic and optoelectronic sensors

6. sensors for measuring speed and speed, sensors and transducers for measuring acceleration. Vibration measurement

7 Temperature measurement by contact sensors

8. Non-contact temperature measurement

9. Measurement of force and pressure. Level measurement

10. Flow and level measurement

11. Measuring systems, sensor buses. Logic analyzer

12. Other measuring instruments, standards of electrical quantities

13. Chemical sensors

14. Repetition, solution of test examples


Compulsory participation in the lab. exercises, submission of protocols, 4 tests during the semester.

Written exam followed by a short oral part, in which the evaluation of the test is clarified or additional questions to the test or exam example are asked.

Assessment: work in laboratories 26%, tests during the semester 24%, exam 50%.

Syllabus of lectures:
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Study Objective:
Study materials:


Northrop, R.B.: Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements, CRC 2014, 0-8493-3773-9 (k dispozici online na techlib.cz)

Kol: návody pro laboratorní úlohy na Moodle


Placko D.: Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Measurement, ISTE 2006, ISBN 1-905209-39-8

Ripka, P., Tipek, A.(ed.): Modern Sensors Handbook. ISTE 2007, ISBN 978-1-905209-66-8

Haasz, V. a kolektiv: Elektrická měření - Přístroje a metody. ČVUT, Praha 2018 (3. vydání) Ripka P. a kol.: Senzory,

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