Transport Phenomena

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E181002 Z,ZK 5 3P+2C English
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Department of Process Engineering

The Course provides theoretical background for study of unit operations in proces industry. Balance of momentum transfer in fluids. Introduction to the engineering rheology and rheometry. Momentum transfer in creeping and turbulent flow. Potential flow. Residence time distribution analysis. Internal energy balance and heat transfer. Inspection analysis of transport equations. Deepening knowledge of heat transfer, especially in phase changes and heterogeneous systems. Heat transfer by radiation. Theory of mass transfer by molecular diffusion, convection, chemical reaction, and mass transfer between phases. Similarity of heat and mass transfer.

Syllabus of lectures:

•Introduction. Basic equations of transport phenomena.

•Equation of continuity. Momentum balance - Cauchy equation of dynamical equilibrium in continua. Rheological constitutive equations.

•Creeping flow. Introduction to the engineering rheology.

•Flow of non-Newtonian fluids in basis 1-D geometry.

•Rheometry. Capillary rheometer. Rheometer with coaxial cylinders and cone and plate.

•Navier-Stokes equations. Mechanical energy balance. Potential flow. Bernoulli equation.

•Turbulence and boundary layers. Residence time distribution in process equipment.

•Internal energy balance and heat transfer. Heat transfer mechanisms. Fourier-Kirchhoff equation.

•Heat conduction. Forced and natural convection.

•Heat transfer with boiling and condensation and heterogeneous systems Radiation heat transfer.

•Equations of mass transfer. Molecular mass transfer. Mass transfer with chemical reactions.

•Convective mass transfer. Interphase mass transfer.

•Similarity of heat and mass transfer.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

•BIRD, R.B., STEWART W.E., LIGHTFOOT E.N.: Transport Phenomena John Wiley 2007.

•INCROPERA F.P., DeWITT D.P.: Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer. John Wiley 2002.

•HOWARD A. BARNES. A handbook of elementary rheology. Aberystwyth: Univ. of Wales, Institute of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 2000.

•CHHABRA, R. P., J. F. RICHARDSON. Non-Newtonian flow and applied rheology: engineering applications. 2nd ed. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2008.

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