Selected Theoretical Problems of Space Technology

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W36OZ007 ZK 52P+26C
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Jan Hošek
Jan Hošek, Jaroslav Kousal
Jan Hošek, Jaroslav Kousal
Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

• Two-body problem, restricted three-body problem, non-keplerian movement, stability of orbits

• Tsiolkovsky equation, impulse and continuous maneuvers, Lambert problem, transfer orbits

• Rendezvous maneuvers, flying in formation, dynamics of launch and re-entry of spacecrafts

• Rotation of rigid body, disturbing torques, position and attitude determination

• Active and passive attitude control, dynamics of control

• Methods of solution in astrodynamics, analytical/numerical methods, accuracy of the methods

• Principles of vacuum physics and technology, high vacuum, molecular flow, vacuum aerodynamics

• Materials in high vacuum vapour pressure, friction, moving mechanisms in vacumm

• Thermal conductivity in molecula flow, thermal radiation, thermal and radiative balance of spacecraft

• Motion of charged particles, plasma parameters, low-temperature vs. high-temperature plasma

• Charakteristic lengths and frequencies in plasma, Debye screeening length, non-stationary effects

• Generation of plasma discharge, non-equilibrium plasma, interacction of plasma with surface

• Ionosphere and magnetosphere of Earth, solar wind and interplanetary space

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Study materials:

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