Selected Chapters from Construction and Measurement of Production Machines

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W35OZ004 ZK 52P+26C Czech
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Petr Kolář
Miroslav Janota, Petr Kolář, Jan Smolík
Miroslav Janota, Petr Kolář, Jan Smolík
Department of Production Machines and Equipment

•Classification and characteristics of production machines according to basic production technologies. Main utility properties of production machines and technologies. Multifunctional and hybrid machines. Overview of standard measuring methods according to ISO 230.

•Sensors and instruments for measuring static and dynamic force, static and dynamic deformation, temperature. Basics of signal processing. Measurement uncertainties.

•Carrying structure of machine tool. Theory of stationary and movable connections, applications on linear guides, spindles, shift bolts and their storage.

•Static and dynamic rigidity of bearing systems and their components. Static, dynamic and thermal behavior of

production machines. Problems of machine tool accuracy. Measuring machine accuracy.

•Measurement of static and thermal behavior of production machines. Standard and non-standard testing of machines. Verification of computational models by measurement.

•Drive theory, power and torque characteristics. Analysis of efficiency of production machines. Power and energy efficiency. Ecodesign in design and operation of production machines.

•Production Machine Performance. Measurement of dynamic behavior of production machines. Interpretation of measurement results with respect to machine design. Machine performance tests.

•Interaction of supporting structure with cutting process.

•Analysis of factors influencing performance and accuracy of production machines. Influence of NC code preparation, interpolator setting and machine drives. Interaction of drives with supporting structure. Storing machines on a foundation.

•Vibration and noise measurement. Technical diagnostics. Reliability and maintenance of production machines.

•Automation of production machines. Mass flow systems (tools, semi-finished products, waste). Production cells, production lines - design and control.

•On-Machine-Measurement. Self-Optimizing Machine Tools. Industry 4.0 in manufacturing technology.

•Development trends and trends in the field of production technology. The outlook of next development in

manufacturing technology up to 2030.

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Study materials:

HOUŠA, J.: Construction of production machines II. ČVUT, Praha, 1994.

•MAREK, J. a kol.: Design of CNC machine tools IV. MM Publishing, Praha, 2018. ISBN 9-788090-631083.

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