Servomechanisms and Track Control of Production Machines

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W35OZ003 ZK 52P+26C Czech
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Petr Kolář
Petr Kolář, Lukáš Novotný
Petr Kolář, Lukáš Novotný
Department of Production Machines and Equipment

•Structure of positional, velocity and power servomechanisms, principles, instrumentation

•Common linear theory of electric and electrohydraulic actuators

•Continuous and discrete transfer functions of controllers

•Static and dynamic properties, stability, dynamic compliance

•Position measuring systems, additional sensors

•Mechanical transmissions in servo drives, their optimization, stiffness, accuracy

•Interaction of inertia load of servo-drive and controlled machine, behavior of multi-mass systems in the control loop

•Vibration suppression in feed drives

•Improvement of dynamic properties of NC machine tools, unconventional kinematic arrangements

•Communication between the control system and the servodrive, the drive cycle

•Path control of NC machine tools, types of interpolation, coordinate transformation, postprocessors

•Advanced functions for path control (filters, feedforward, lookahead, ..)

•Structure and modification of NC code for optimization of technological conditions during machining

•Seminars: Experimental monitoring of servomechanisms, PC usage, frequency analysis signal processing, filtration

Syllabus of lectures:
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Study Objective:
Study materials:

•Souček, P .: Servomechanisms in Production Machines, monograph, CTU publishing house 2004, ISBN 80-01-02902-6

•Souček, P., Bubák, A .: Selected Topics of Vibration in Drives of Production Machines, Script of CTU 2008, ISBN 978-80-01-04048-5

•Souček, P .: Electrohydraulic Servomechanisms, CTU Script 1992

•Souček, P .: Actuator Mechanisms, CTU Script 1997

•Souček, P .: Control Drives in Shifts of NC Machines, monothematic supplement in MM Průmyslové spektrum 1,2 / 2010, pp. 45-76, ISSN 1212-2572

•Souček, P .: Transfers in Drives of NC Machines and Robots, monothematic supplement in MM Průmyslové

spektrum 12/2016, ISSN 1212-2572

•Souček, P .: Ball Screw Drives and Planetary Gearboxes, (2015, internal teaching text for U12135, 83 pages)

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