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Manufacturing Processes and Systems Management

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W38OZ003 ZK 52P+26C
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Michal Kavan
Michal Kavan
Michal Kavan
Department of Management and Economics

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with advanced methods of rapidly evolving areas of production and

operational management. The subject deals with problems of advanced production methods corresponding to the

technical development in the fields of planning of production sources, scheduling and sorting of work tasks, optimization of production technologies. The course focuses on tools and methods to increase productivity (outputs / inputs) and to achieve corporate quality, maintenance and logistics objectives.

•Characteristics of different types of industrial manufacturing processes and systems

•Initial strategy of choosing a suitable production system

•Scientific analysis of the conditions for the application of the business process model BPM

•The decisive factors of the competitiveness of the business process model of BPM

•Categories of business risks when deciding on the amount of investment in production

•Theoretical basis for choosing the appropriate scale (BPM)

•Developing enterprise material planning and logistics systems

•Effect of e-commerce on the management of production processes and modern enterprise systems

•Evaluation of competitive strategies of manufacturing processes and systems management

•Analysis of the return on investments in innovative BPM projects

•Factors contributing to accelerating innovation in manufacturing process management and systems

•Factors contribute to stabilizing the progress made in the business process model of BPM

•The role of sociology in BPM (Business Process Model)

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Study materials:

•Buffa, S.: Modern Production / Operations Management, Wiley 8th ed. 2007, ISBN 9788126513727.

•Pycraft F: Operation Management, Books & Games 2014, ISBN 978177025-5630

•Rushton A, Croucher P, Baker P: The handbook of Logistics, Kogan Page 2009 3rd ed., ISBN 9780749446697.

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