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Bussiness and Innovation Strategies

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W38OZ002 ZK 52P+26C
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František Freiberg
František Freiberg, Jan Hušek, Michal Kavan
František Freiberg, Jan Hušek, Michal Kavan
Department of Management and Economics

This Ph.D. course is focused on procedures, techniques and methods for analysis and synthesis used for definition of business and innovation strategy, which are crucial for effective development of business based on cutting edge technologies. Attention is focused on procedures and methods that are applicable in business practice and which can be the basis for efficient creation, implementation and control of a business and innovation strategy.

•The role and mission of strategic management and strategic planning in an organization

•Definition of strategic goals and application of the Balanced Score Card methodology in the organization

•Analyses of the micro and macro business environment. Analysis of the company's internal environment for stratégy formation

•Process of building business strategies

•Process of evaluation and selection of business strategies, business case definition

•Conditions for the implementation of business strategy, control of the implementation of business strategy

•Importance of innovation for the enterprise and its link to business strategy, levels of innovations

•Current key innovation trends forming the present and future of industry - disruptive technologies

•Lifecycle of innovation and its phases

•Management of innovations and its phases - innovation as a project

•Evaluation of innovation strategies and risk assessment

•Intellectual property protection and technology transfer

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Study materials:

•KOTLER, Philip, KELLER, Kevin Lane: Marketing management. Grada Publishing, 14. vydání, Praha 2013, ISBN 978-80-247-4150-5

•TUSHMAN, Michael, ANDERSON Philip. Managing strategic innovation and change: a collection of readings. New York: Oxford University Press, c1997. ISBN 978-0195100112.

•KIM, W. Chan a MAUBORGNE Renée. Blue ocean strategy: how to create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press, c2005. ISBN 978-1-59139-619-2.

•SCHRAGE, Michael. The innovator's hypothesis: how cheap experiments are worth more than good ideas.

Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, [2014]. ISBN 978-0-262-02836-3. 4.

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