Economic Theory of Industrial Enterprise Management and Systems

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W38TZ001 ZK 65P
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František Freiberg
Theodor Beran, František Freiberg
Theodor Beran, František Freiberg
Department of Management and Economics

The aim of the course is to acquaint students with selected themes of advanced theory of business processes and systems management. Emphasis is placed on management and analysis of business processes, microeconomic theory and analysis, presentation of techniques used in economic research. Specific issues, which relate to the dissertation topic, will be discuss more deeply.

•Theoretical background of business economics, Business Processes Assessment, Business Process Management.

•Measuring the performance of the business and its processes. The concept of business planning and modelling.

•Economic Analysis of Business Decision Making Processes, Decision Making Theory.

•The theory of consumer behaviour, market structures and business.

•Production Analysis - Microeconomic Techniques Used to Analyse Efficiency of Production

•Business risk management and analysis. Models used to quantify risk.

•Decisions on the structure of capital, management of working capital.

•Investment theory and investment decision-making. Investment controlling

•Models of valuation enterprises, capital assets, mergers and acquisitions

•Concept and structure of managerial accounting. Strategic cost management. Balance theory. Valuation in Accounting, Cost-Benefit Analysis

•Creation and use of decision-making calculations. Product cost forecast, system of plans and budgets

•Principle and methodology of econometrics. Application of econometrics.

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Study materials:

•Franz, P., Kirchmer, M. Value-Driven Business Process Management. McGraw Hill Professional, 2012, 240 str. ISBN 978-0-07-179172-4

•Berman, P., K. Successful Business Process Management: What You Need to Know to Get Results, AMACOM, 2014, 272 str. ISBN 0814434029

•Geoffrey, A., Reny, J. Advanced microeconomic theory. Prentice Hall-Pearson Education Limited, London, 2013, third edition. ISBN: 978-0-273-73191-7

•Galai, D., Mark, R. The Essentials of Risk Management, 2nd Edition, Mc Graw Hill, 2013, 669 str. ISBN 978-0-07-182115-5.

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