Welding Process Automation

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W33OZ001 ZK 52P+26C
Ladislav Kolařík (guarantor)
Ladislav Kolařík (guarantor)
Department of Manufacturing Technology

Specification of mechanized, automated and robotized welding production. Selection of technologies and methods for joining materials suitable for automation and robotics. Welding methods - description and comparison, optimization of welding modes, control and monitoring of welding parameters and process. Peripheral welding equipment. Incorporation into the production cycle. Technical, safety and economic aspects of automation and robotization of welding.

•Introduction to automation - basic concepts, definitions and divisions

•Jointing methods suitable for mechanized, automated and robotic production

•Overview of welding processes and their influence on quality and productivity of production

•Types of sensors - distribution and use - typical usage patterns (weld joint tracking, arc scanning)

•Peripherals - Types of positioners and manipulators, cleaning and exchange stations

•Welding parameters control and monitoring methods

•Robot welding process - simulation, programming (on-line, off-line)

•Increasing productivity: narrow gap welding, orbital welding, multi-wire systems

•- Digital welding sources for arc welding and new modification of the weld metal transfer type

•High-performance arc welding methods

•Modern methods of resistance welding automation

•Additive manufacturing methods - Robotic welding (WAAM)

•Automatic methods quality control of weld joints, NDT

•Requirements for health, safety and hygiene of work

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Study materials:

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•Tzyh-Jong Tarn, Shan-Ben Chen, and Xiao-Qi Chen. Robotic Welding, Intelligence and Automation, Rwia'2014. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Ser. Springer, ISBN 9783319189963

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•Kolektiv autorů : ASM Handbook, Volume 6 Welding, Brazing , and Soldering, ASM International, 2000

•Howard B. Cary: Arc welding Automation, Taylor and Francis, 1995, ISBN 9781482295504

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