Weldability of Materials and Welding Metalurgy

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W33OZ009 ZK 78P
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Ladislav Kolařík
Ladislav Kolařík
Ladislav Kolařík
Department of Manufacturing Technology

Weldability specifications. Material, technological and structural aspects of weldability. Technological tests and weldability evaluation according to various standards, ČSN, EN, etc. The formation of cracks in welded joints, parametric equations and weldability criteria. Structural changes in individual zones of the weld joint. Theory and heat distribution in welded joint. Welding metallurgy. Weldability of different types of steels and non-ferrous metals.

•Welding metallurgy - Thermal field, heat dissipation, temperature cycle. Heat-affected zone (HAZ), cooling time t8 / 5, weld pool and its solidification, welding protection. Influence of air gases on weldability - effects of oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen on the quality of the weld joint (their sources and elimination of effects).

•Cracks in weld joints - Types of cracks, way of occurrence, sensitivity assessment, and reduction of cracking. Cold, heat, lamellar and annealing cracks. Technological tests of weldability.

•Weldability of individual types of materials commonly used on welded parts and structures. Types of materials and alloys (grouping according to ISO / TR 15 608), applicable welding methods, filler materials and protection methods. Specific problems of weldability and how to solve them:

•welding of structural steels - (group 1), carbon equivalent, calculation of preheating temperature, TTT diagrams, dependence of hardness and toughness on weldability

•weldability of high-strength steels - (group 2 and 3), concept of grain refinement, principles of formation, normalization, refining - concept t 8/5, preheating and interpass temperature, CE, impact of welding process on HAZ.

•weldability of heat-resistant steels - creep mechanism, creep sensitivity test, thermal embrittlement, types of heat-resistant steels (group 4-6).

•weldability of steels for cryogenic applications – (group 9) low temperature application requirements, types of cryogenic steels (including 9% Ni), nickel influence on low temperature properties of low-alloy steels

•weldability of stainless and heat-resistant steels – (groups 7, 8, 9, 10) heat treatment of weld joints, types of corrosion, mechanism of refraction, influence of alloy elements, CrE, NiE, constitutional diagrams, measurement of delta ferrite content.

•weldability of cast iron – distribution of cast iron, relevant welding technologies and procedures, filler materials, utilization and special welding problems

•weldability of copper and copper alloys - distribution, physical and mechanical properties, deoxidation, applications and special problems

•weldability of nickel and nickel alloys - distribution, weldability of nickel and its alloys, welding problems (hot cracking) and their prevention, quality control of weld joints, applications and special problems

•weldability of aluminum (and magnesium) and aluminum alloys - distribution, typical problems (HAZ softening, porosity and hot cracking, deformation), oxidation layer cleaning, welding surfaces preparation, application

•weldability of titanium and zirconium and their alloys and other non-ferrous metals

•weldability of heterogeneous joints

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Study materials:

•Lippold, J.C. Welding Metallurgy and Weldability, Wiley, 2014, ISBN 9781118960318

•Kou, S.: Welding Metallurgy, second edition, Wiley, 2003, ISBN 0-471-43491-4

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•Jean Cornu, John Weston, and Sue Greener. Fundamentals of Fusion Welding Technology, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1988, ISBN 9783662110515

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